The Bad News Bears

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After a group of family members viewed this summers The Bad News Bears the younger of the crowd thought it was a good movie and the older, familiar with the first release, thought it wasn’t as good as the first. The biggest complaint was the use of language. This resulted in wondering if the first version was represented accurately within our memories.

1976 – Former major league short time baseball player is now a beer drinking semi-alcoholic pool maintenance man that takes a Little League coaching position for money.

Walter Matthau – coach Morris Buttermaker; Tatum O'Neal – Amanda coach’s daughter and good pitcher; Jackie Earle Haley - Kelly cigarette smoking delinquent;

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2005 - Former major league short time baseball player is now a beer drinking semi-alcoholic exterminator and critter control man that takes a Little League coaching position for money.

Billy Bob Thorton - coach Morris Buttermaker;  Sammit Kane Kraft - Amanda Whurlitzer coach’s daughter and good pitcher; Jeffrey Davies - Kelly Leak ; Timmy Deters - Tanner Boyle; Brandon Craggs - Mike Engelberg; Greg Kinnear - Coach Roy Bullock;

Director: Richard Linklater; Screenplay: John Requa and Glenn Ficarra; Based on the Screenplay By: Bill Lancaster

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Thoughts and Conclusions

Has the foul-mouthed kid lost hir or her comic appeal? Or was the kids’ use of PG-13 level profanity over used and over depended on for comedy in the remake?

In the first movie the collection of players were enthusiastic and likeable. In the second, basically the geeky Aman Johal - Prem  and quiet Jeffrey Tedmori - Garo are likeable. Other wise it’s easy to view the others as social misfits that have learned to cope with their peers and probably others through misguided yelling, screaming, and various shows of boisterous behavior.

In the earlier version Matthau played his grumpy sad-sack role to perfection. In the second Billy Bob Thorton was given an opportunity to act to his potential.

In the first language included: jews, spicks, niggers, pansies, booger eating moron, whop, and spaz. Amanda was also referred to after some of the preceding words with the addition of “and now a girl”. In the second shocking language was limited to PG-13 level profanity.

In the firsts dialogue included Carmen in a store attempting to by a Playboy magazine. Store Clerk – “You got to be 21 to buy that.” Carmen – “Hey, what am I gonna do, drink it? ... When you're 21 you've been there and back. How do they expect us young guys to learn anything?” Also included were jokes about Amanda’s small breasts and the team receiving a cup and supporter.

Positive reviews for the 1976 film claim it has a winning combination of broad humor and smart observations and many people would view it as good family entertainment and a good baseball movie.

Positive reviews for the 1976 film claim it is an enjoyable family sports comedy, for families who respect their children enough to let them know what goes on in real life. It's not as daring as other comedies of bad behavior (Bad Santa), but it's fun.

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