DVD's for Human Relations and Literature
Author(s) Date Title Reference Information Comments DocumentType Rating
Canadian ... 2003 The Snow Walker or Walk Well/ Snow Walker
1953 pilot to rescue ill Inuit women has tables turned...
Related literature Julie of the Wolves, Julie...
Island of Blue Dolppphins, Hatchet, The Cay
Human relations Survival Life philosophy
DVD Five stars
Director - Roman Planski, Wladyslaw Szpilman, Adrian Brody
The Pianist
War Polish Jews Nazis DVD

Schindler's List
Southern America discrimination race prejudice DVD
Director Steven Spielberg, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg
Color Purple Southern America discrimination race prejudice
Wayne Wong, Tsai Chen, Kieu Chinh, Lisa Lu
Joy Luck Club
Immigrants China Struggle of motherhood and family DVD

Y Tu Mama Ambien
two sex obsessed teens drugs sexual exploitation DVD

The Crime of Padre Amaro
Church asked Mexicans to boycott this film, there was a public out cry because of this and the film became a blockbuster
Catholic Church, priest (Amelia)
Patricia Cardoso - director, Ferrera Ana
Real Women Have Curves
Body image, Mexican Americans, second generation immigrants, assertive women, DVD
Nicholas Gonzalez, Maria Conchita Alonso
The Princess and the Barrio Boy
Hispanic Socio-economic [Hans Christian Andersen's - The Little Merdmaid] DVD
Selma Hayek Director, Ruben Blades
The Maldonado Miracle
Religion, Economic inequalities, illegal aliens, setting Mexico DVD

Miramax Rating R - language, alcohol use, perscription drug abuse, smoking.
A railroad enthusiast looses a friend, retires, and moves. Desiring to be left alone he finds companionship with some persistent people.

Is a great movie to talk about how people treat others. Would be great for middle school students and junior high except for the R rating because of the minor use of language and drugs.
Social interactions, getting along, what makes people mature/ grown-up/ "big", loneliness,
DVD Five stars
Mariano Barroso and Salma Hayek 5-7-2002 In the Time of the Butterflies
Rating PG - 13
Dictatorship living under repressive government
DVD Four stars

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