Christian Ashton Kutcher

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa along with a twin brother Michael and sister Tausha.

Mother and Father divorsed and moved to Homestead, Iowa. There he played football, wrestled, and acted in four or more plays. In his last play ,Annie, he was selected as the lead.

How School Helped Him

During a practice for Annie he was involved in an incident with beer and not allowed to participate in the play or other activities. Upset with the school he and a friend broke into the school. A silent alarm contacted the police and he was arrested and convicted for third degree burglary.

His twin brother, born with CP, developed a heart infection and needed and received a heart transplant. With he and his family being short of money he was limited in his options. Additionally he was unable to leave the state, as he was on probation. With these circumstances and a desire to help his brother he enrolled at the Univeristy of Iowa and started to major in bio-chemical engineering.

Money being a problem he was always looking for a way to get money, He worked at a cereal plant, donated blood, and did other jobs which didn't provide enough money to stay in school. One day he entered a modeling contest to win some cash. He won first prize, which included a trip to N.Y. and a chance to model. He became a modeling sensation. Was in commercials for Abercrombe and Fitch, Calvin Klien, Pizza Hut and many more.

His desire to be an actor caused him to go to Hollywood and audition for two different parts. He received both, but took the part in the That 70"s Show (1998). Since then ...Texas Range, Dude Where Is My Car, Cheaper by the Dozen... He has also created his own production company and is the creative genius behind Punk'd.

He cares much for family and his roots. He has requested his brother as a actor and he was in an episode of That 70"s Show .

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