videos and Dance

Dancing in videos that need to be checked out -

Beauty and the Beast Bella This daance and scene is very important in developing the plot of the movie.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold in True Lies - Classic slap stick Arnold sitting on chair watching, didn't know she was going to fall down, starts to get up to help and sits back down. Yea really, See it in the video.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Parade scene. Like the Pied Piper worked great considering they acutally had permission to shout it during a real parade and had to get it done in one shot as they wouldn't stop the parade. They really rocked the street with Twist and Shout.

Austin Powers video - Mike Myers opening Beatles dancing in the back lot.

Flash Dance - "What a Feeling" with Jennifer Beals and Sharon Shapiro does spins?

Save the Last Dance Sean ... Never danced. Had a dance coach and dance doublee Earl Punch. Dance partner Julia ... was very good and the director asked her not to be so good.

Wedding Planner Jennifer Lopez and Matthew ... How hard is it to dance head to head and have a dialogue?

Romy and Michelle put every annoying dance step into one dance...

Dance With Me Cayanne Salsa Vanessa Williams... floating dance shot from crane.

The Mask wanted to cut the dance scene but it is what adds personality to the character and tone to the video...

Animal House ...


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