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Measure is the action to find the size, amount, or degree of something. Usually an object, set of objects, or quantity of matter. Usually by using an instrument or device that compares the unknown to standard units.


Teacher resources

Counting change Suggestion for teaching

Can use the counting money strategy for counting decimal numbers. Write the starting value (1.89), select a count (.01), write it, write the sum (1.90), write the next coin (.10), then the sum (2.00), and continue as before.

Metric units

Meter is the unit for linear measurement.

Liter is the unit for volume. One liter is a little more than a quart.

Gram is the unit mass. One gram is abouit the weight of a paper clip.

Most used prefixes for metric units:

Some prefixes on a number line:

metric units image

More in History of measurement

Hair size and dust


Metric prefixes

Metric prefixes, ymbols, & powers
Prefix Symbol Power
Quecca Q 1030
Ronna R 1027
Yotta Y


Zetta Z 1021
Exa E 1018
Peta P 1015
Tera T 1012
Giga G 109
Mega M 106
kilo k 103
milli m 10-3
micro μ 10-6
nano n


pico p


femto f 10-15
atto a 10-18
zepto z 10-21
yocto y 10-24
ronto r 10-27
quecto q 10-30




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