Twelve Purposes of Education

The goal of education is to gain knowledge through personal development of physical, social, intellectual, and emotional abilities.

For What Purposes?

  1. Create a meaningful life - enjoyment, power, social, caring/love, survival, personal satisfaction/ fulfillment, worthy use of leisure, foster curiosity and innovation to fulfill peoples' dreams and aspirations
  2. Good citizenship - thoughtful, humane, responsible, moral, ethical,
  3. Economic welfare - be successful in the market place and earn a living, have a vocation - life training, college, productive work force.
  4. To be spiritual -, religious, mysticism, paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical, existentialism
  5. Learn the fundamentals or become literate - to be able to read, write, orate, linguistic, calculate, logical-mathematical, spatial, visual,(cover the standards) (Improve tests scores) (achieve AYP) media literate
  6. Develop physically - body and physical skill development, kinesthetic, physical education, physically healthy, art, music,
  7. Become Social - the well being of each individual within society, intrapersonal, interpersonal, human relationships, social skills, social groups, proper social behavior, and social engineering
  8. Critical thinker and problem solving - how to inquire, how to think - not what to think, know where to find information, how to analyze it, how to create alternative solutions, how to use it, and how to communicate it.
  9. Develop into a life long learner - the will, skill, and desire to be a lifelong learner, habits of mind, disposition - develop the love of learning, exercise free will
  10. Worker bees - Brain wash to be peaceful obedient drone knowing the state ideologies
  11. To have more educators or teachers - maintain an educational system to sustain the good life.
  12. To create a better way of living - know yourself, intrapersonal, self-efficacy, sense of well being, healthy life style (nutrition, medical, physical, sex, aids, drug), wealth, wisdom, naturalist, harmony with nature

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes