Literature -1st grade - Plot, Genre, Fantasy, Quality - unique and unusual characteristics
Title - Room on the Broom

Overview of the book
Big idea, concepts, facts, generalizations, and outcomes for - story elements
Big idea, concepts, facts, generalizations, and outcomes for - genre fantasy
Big idea, concepts, facts, generalizations, and outcomes for - quality literature

Prior knowledge
Instructional procedure - Exploration, Invention, and Expansion
Scoring guide

Overview of the book

A tale told in verse about a witch flying around on a broom. As she whooshes around she accidentally loses possessions. Landing to retrieve them she is assisted in finding her lost possession and rewards the finder by adding them to her passenger list. Eventually the broom stick breaks in half. The passengers fall into a bog and the witch flies into a cloud where she encounters a dragon. Fleeing the dragon, who has intentions of feasting on witch and french fries, she lands in the bog where they both encounter a horrible beast from the bog. A clever climax follows and then a resolution where the witch asks each passenger to add something to her cauldron. She brews a better broom and flies off with her passengers. This is definitely a quality story. Outstanding use of words and story elements that can be shared and talked about with children that will encourage a journey toward literacy.

Big Idea - Story elements 

Plot is the order in which events move and happen in a story. Foreshadowing is a hint of a future event in the plot.

Concepts, Facts, and Generalizations

Specific outcomes

    1. Chain events together in chronological order.
    2. Describe the sequence of events in the story.
    3. Describe the uniqueness of the events and the creative manner in which they are related.
    4. Identify and describe the rise and fall of action.
    5. Identify the rises to a climax and then trails off.
    6. Identify climax and resolution.

Big Idea - Genre Fantasy

Fantasy is a subcategory of fiction. It is a made up story with magic, magical items, fantasy animals, use of three, good versus bad...

Concepts, Facts, and Generalizations

Outcome - Genre Fantasy -Identify fantasy as a genre that is fictional with magic.

Specific outcomes

    1. Recognize magical items as wand, broom cauldron, witch. 
    2. Recognize three objects were dropped, and three characters were introduced to build toward the climax. 
    3. Recognize the animals acted like people.

Big Idea - Quality literature 

Quality literature goes beyond the usual and creates a very satisfactory response from the reader that is created by the literary elements. Story consistency can be created with repitition of events.

Concepts, Facts, and Generalizations

Outcome -Quality literature

Identify unique and interesting examples from the story explain why they believe they are.

Specific outcomes

    1. Identify and describe characteristics of plot that make the story better or worse.
    2. Describe the use of words they like and think make the story better.
    3. Describe what they think the authors thought about the characters.
    4. Describe what they think the author thought about the importance of the story.
    5. Describe why they think the author wrote the story.
    6. Describe what they liked about the relationships between events.


Prior knowledge

Literature as a story; plot as beginning, middle, and end; characters, quality is good.


Book - Room on the Broom, plot phrases in .pdf file Room On The Broom Phrases, instructional examples.

Instructional Procedure

Exploration - Diagnostic

Don’t show the students the book. Secretly open to and Display the two page spread before title page (Bow, Hat, Wand, Broom). Ask -why do you think the illustrator drew these? (They might be in the story.) Do you think it will be important? Why or why not? What part do you think they might have? Will it relate to the characters? Which one? (main) What are the objects? (Hat, broom, bow, wand) How are they used?

Invention - Formative

Overview - Read. the story and try to emphasize the following events in the story and how some events were the cause of another.

Start with

  • The witch had a cat and a hat that was black... (also bow, broom, and wand)
  • 1. Lost hat -get dog
  • 2. Bow -green bird
  • 3. Wand -frog
  • Frog jumped for joy
  • Broom breaks -lost passengers, the witch flies into a Cloud, and meets a dragon

Literature -1st grade -Plot, Genre, Fantasy, Quality Literature Room on the Broom

  • witch and french fries
  • Fly higher, breath fire, fly to ground, but no help could be found.
  • Just this once I will eat witch without french fries.
  • When get to the top of page that has. the following. STOP SHOWING PICTURES....
    • But just as he planned to begin on his feast, From out of a ditch rose a horrible beast. It was tall, dark, and sticky and feathered and furred. It had four frightful heads, it had wings like a bird. And its terrible voice,when it started to speak, Was a yowl and a growl and a croak and a shriek. It dripped and it squelched as it strode from the ditch,
    • And it said to the dragon, “ BUZZ off! THAT’S MY WITCH!”
  • Ask about what they think is the horrible beast.
  • What became of the passengers?
  • READ -“Without you I’d be in that dragon’s inside .”
  • ASK -could it end here? Is there more you would like for the story? What?
  • Are there events in the story that need to be fixed? What might they be? How might they be fixed?
  • SHOW rest of book as read...
  • Read rest of the story.
    • Asks each character to find something and throw it in the caldron
    • Frog -lily, Cat -cone, Bird -twig, Dog -bone Brew broom with -seats, nest, pool
  • View last plate same as first.…
  • Ask what they liked about the story and why?
  • Story map -create -see story parts in file Either put labels on roll out chart... or clip to a yarn or cord to string up or let dangle
  • Ask what genre? Fantasy -use of three (problems -lose hat, bow, wand), use of magic, and mythological characters (dragon) SEE FILE ...
  • What makes a quality fantasy? Is this one?


Ask students to summarize the story using the plot sequence.

Expansion - Generative

  • Story elements - Application to other stories using beginning, middle, and end as reference points to sequence events for plot. Recognizing foreshadowing in other stories.
  • Genre - Recognize fantasy as a subcategory of fiction with ... When reading, listening, or viewing other fantasy stories and explain why the are fantasy.
  • Quality literature - Use characteristics of genre or story elements to explain why they believe a story is quality or not.

Scoring guide - describe quality levels for the above ideas

  Progressing     Excels
Story elements: Plot: Reference to a story is a retelling without evidence of a systematic use of plot as a sequence of events. Recognize and use plot in with references to beginning and ending events. Recognize and use plot with references to beginning, middle, and ending events. Recognize and use plot with references to all significant events relative to the plot of the story.
Genre characteristic: fantasy Recognizes fact from fiction. Recognizes real and made-up or fiction and non fiction or realistic and fantasy. Explains fantasy as made up fiction that couldn't really happen and describe events in the story to support their reasoning. Explains fantasy as beyond fiction and fantasy with the support of multiple common characteristics of the fantasy genre.
Quality literature Identifies characteristics in stories they like. Identifies characteristics in stories they like and provide a reason as to why. Identifies multiple characteristics in stories they like and provide reasons as to why. Identifies multiple characteristics in stories they like and provide reasons in an organized logical way that explains why the combination is or isn't quality.




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