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Children & early adolescent literature database (1990 to 1999)


Database of books for eductors, librarians, media experts, and others who want to create their own database or seek books to recommend to readers, which will encourage reading and literacy for all, paricularly to encourage non readers to become readers. Books included in these lists are books which I have noted over many years that some readers, across a large range of varing interests, have read and commented on enjoying. While I would encourage those who have interests related to each book's topic to read them, I would not select many of them as required reading or for a read aloud to a whole class. Those I would select from my five star list.

Books 1990
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Friends Rachael Isadora 1990
One word on each page with illustrations of children visiting, playing, laughing, building, drawing, and jumping.
picture book friends words
Thunder Cake Patricia Polacco 1990 The Butterfly (
Junkyard Wonders
Chicken Sunday
Mrs. Katz and Tush (1992)
The Keeping Quilt (1988)
Picnic At Mudsock Meadow (1992)
Thunder Cake (1990)
Pink and Say (1994)
Thank you, Mr. Falker (1998)
picture book
The Great Kapok Tree Lynne Cherry 1990
picture book science rain forest environment
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System Joanna Cole 1990
nonfiction magic science solar system astronomy
Who is the Beast? Keith Baker 1990
picture book concept book animals science beasts
Two Tiny Mice Alan Baker 1990 Visualization, number value 2 and relative size
picture book visualization, number value 2, mathematics
North Country Night Daniel San Souci 1990

Something Big Has Been Here Jack Prelutsky 1990 Poetry collection poetry collection
Home Place
picture book archeology family
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks Katherine Paterson 1990 Legend The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks cover picture book legend
The Frog Alphabet Book Jerry Pallotta 1990

picture book concept book alphabet book animals frog

On The Far Side Of The Mountain Jean Craighead George 1990
realistic fiction
One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest Jean Craighead George 1990
nonfiction concept book science rain forest environment
The Boys' War Confederate & Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War Jim Murphy 1990 Historically accurate information about the often times forgotten boys that fought in the American Civil War. Well written with pictures and cohesive story that can move the reader through the book. nonfiction war children Civil War
The Cow That Went OINK Bernard Most 1990 Bilingual ESl ESS
picture book misfit bilingual ESl ESS immigration
One Gorilla: A Counting Book Mathew Price 1990 Beautifully illustrated highly colorful counting book where young children are mildly challenged to find the different numbers of animals within their realistic habits. That is for all the animals depicted except for the gorilla that meanders through the entire story encouraging the children to count the the other animals. picture book counting book mathematicsnumber value
The Story of Z Jeanne Modesitt 1990

Barbie A Picnic Surprise McGuire 1990
realistic fiction picture book very poor literature
The Road to Memphis Mildred D. Taylor 1990 Won Coretta Scott King Award and is the third novel in a series:
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
Let the Circle Be Unbroken
The Road to Memphis

It begins with Cassie of the Logan family(1941) beginning her senior year in a Jackson, Mississippi high school, and her older brother Stacey has his first car. Events, include pregnancy, death and Pearl Harbor and World War II. Strength of the family and community encourage each other to keep the family strong and fulfill their dreams. Cassie s, dream is to become a lawyer.
historical fiction Black america 1941 family race
How Big Is A Foot? Rolf Myller 1990 Standard unit of measurement
mathematics measurement
Life in the Polar Lands Monica Byles 1990
nonfiction concept book science polar regions
Earrings! Judith Viorst 1990
realistic fiction picture book
One Sun A Book of Terse Verse Bruce Mc Millan 1990
poetry one line verse
Taking a Walk Rebecca Emberley 1990
picture book
One Bear With Bees In His Hair Jakki Wood 1990

Color Farm Lois Ehlert 1990
concept book shape color animals, colors mathematics
When Zachery Beaver Came to Town Kimberly Willis Holt 1990
realistic fiction relationships overweight
The Seven Chinese Brothers Margaret Mahy 1990
Chinese fairy tale
Wally the Worry Warthog Barbar Shook Hazen 1990 Wally is a wort-hog that worries about everything even Wilberforce. One day they meet on Suspension Bridge and find that they both have worries and begin to overcome them together.
Pictures in the first few pages show a furry coat fading into a grizzly bear, a curtain into a ghost, and a plate of peas into little green men from Mars. Great story and art
picture book animal fantasy worry fear self personal development visualization anxiety classroom management
The Big Book for Peace Ann Durell & Marilyn Sachs 1990 An anthology of stories for the purpose to contribute to the celebration of peace. While there have been numerous books and stories that celebrate war and acts of violence there have been less that celebrate ideas and actions that contribute to the maintenance of peace and a peaceful state. This book is an initial start to initiate a change in this condition with stories that one after another powerfully tell a story of discoveries of peace. anthology historical fiction realistic fiction poetry peace multicultural
Shrek William Steig 1990 His mother was ugly and his fatgher was ugly, but Shrek was uglier than the two of them put together.
Is the opening line of the book.
Spit fire 99 yards and vent smoke from both ears. Lived in a swamp. Any snake dumb enough to bite him convulsled and instantly died. Parents sent out in the world to do his share of damage.
Continues to the end with the same delightful language.
A regular Uncle Festure of the Adam s family.
Great Ugly beats dragon, meets donkey, fights knight, meets an Uglier Princess, fail in love and marry.
Great story.
picture book fairy tale beauty is in the eye of the beholder love love yourself for what you are multimedia
Pond and Brook Michael J. Caduto 1990 Designed specifically for the amateur naturalist and filled with hands-on projects and activities, Pond and Brook introduces the readers to the intriguing world of freshwater life.
Biology for Every Kid Janice VanCleave 1990
Marie Curie Ibi Lepscky 1990
Feathers for Lunch Lois Ehlert 1990

Feathers for Lunch coverExcellent picture book with torn paper pictures of 12 common North AMerican birds. Guide beginning guide to watch birds in your neighborhood.

Birds include: American Robin, Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, House Wren, Red-headed Woodpecker, Red Winged Blackbird, Northern Oriole, Mourning Dove, Northern Flicker, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, House Sparrow, & American Goldfinch.

picture book birds field guide torn paper art
A Fire in My Hands Soto, Gary 1990
Look! The Ultimate Spot the Difference Book A. J. Wood 1990
More, More, More said the Baby Vera B. Williams 1990
How big? How fast? How Hungry? Waverly 1990
What Comes in 2's, 3's, & 4's? Suzanne Aker 1990 Number value 2, 3, 4
Possum Come A-Knockin Nancy Van Laan 1990
Just a Dream Chris Van Allsburg 1990 Just a Dream coverWalter believes the future is going to be wonderful, filled with robots and other amazing inventions. Why would anyone want a tree for their birthday? He finds out in a dream.
Frank and Ernest Play Ball Alexandra Day 1990 Baseball
Glosary of terms
A Storyteller's Ghost Stories Book 2 Duane Hutchinson 1990
Hunting for Hector and 100's of other things Anthony Tallarico 1990
Good Books Good Times Lee Bennett Hopkins 1990
The Day We Walked On The Moon George Sullivan 1990
Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye Lois Lowry 1990
Natalie Armstrong has everything, but the knowledge of who her birth mother is. While she discover her biological mother? And what will happen if she does and they meet?
Harry's Mom Barbara Ann Porte 1990

Something Good Robert Munsch 1990 Tyya, Andrew and Julie go grocery shopping with dad, but dad won’t buy anything good.
Maniac Magee Jerry Spinelli 1990 Maniac Magee is a folk tale about Jeffrey Lionel - a very special kid. According to the author he - ... is one part fact, two parts legend, and three parts snowball. His desire to bring people together by finding a way to bridge differences between race and find a place without racism.  


Books published in 1991
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Hide and Snake Keith Baker 1991
Who Says That? Arnold L. Shapiro 1991
A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt David A. Adler 1991
Knights of the Kitchen Table Jon Scieszka 1991
The Frog Prince... Continued Jon Scieszka 1991
Whales & Dolphins Della Rowland 1991
Fabulous Facts About the 50 States Wilma S. Ross 1991
Ten Little Rabbits Virginia Grossman & Sylvia Long 1991 Prejudice
Why use Indians?
Left or Right? Karl Rehm and Kay Koike 1991
Ruby the Copycat Peggy Rathmann 1991 Story about a new girl, Ruby, who seems to copy another girl in her class. A very tolerant teacher is very patient in letting Ruby do her thing until it begins to trouble her classmates. Then the teacher steps in to help Ruby be herself.  
The Not-So-Jolly Roger Jon Scieszka 1991
Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree Eileen Christelow 1991
The Monument Gary Paulsen 1991
realistic fiction
Year of Impossible Goodbyes Choi, Sook Nyul 1991

There s A Girl In My Hammerlock Jerry Spinelli 1991

The Underwater Alphabet Book Jerry Pallotta 1991
picture book alphabet book science underwater
The Furry Alphabet Book Jerry Pallotta 1991
picture book alphabet book animals fur
What Are Scientists? Rita Gelman & Susan Buxbaum 1991
science, scientists
A Monkey Grows Up Rita Golden Gelman 1991 Follows the life of a vervet monkey and her troop from her birth until she is two years old.
Show and Tell Robert Munsch 1991 Ben creates a stir when he takes his baby siter for show n tell.
picture book humor school show and tell
Wonders of Science Melvin Berger 1991
nonfiction science nature of science
That's Good! That's Bad! Margery Cuyler 1991

Grandfather Twilight Barbara Berger 1991
picture book pattern book legend pattern book
Eating Fractions Bruce McMillan 1991 Whole, halves, thirds, & fourths
picture book concept book fractions , 1/3, mathematics
Fritz and the Mess Fairy Rosemary Wells 1991
picture book animal fantasy
Monkey Island Paula Fox 1991 Homeless boy struggles to find his parents. Set in New York.
realistic fiction homeless
From One to One Hundred Teri Sloat 1991 Counting book from 1,2,3-10,20,30-100
concept book counting mathematics
The Star Fisher Laurence Yep 1991 Joan Lee (15) and her family are Chinese Americans who move to Clarksburg, West Virginia in 1927. They are not accepted into the community whose prejudice cause the town folk not to welcome their new laundry business or Joan at school. There is also a strong relationship between Joan and her mother, other family members, and a Miss Lucy. historical fiction Chinese american family adjustment prejudice
The Family Read-Aloud Holiday Treasury Stories, poems, songs selected by Alice Low 1991 A collection of short stories that are arranged around the calendar. A story of two for each significant date of the year. Delightful stories from key authors and illustrated with recognized child illustrators. A great book to have available for all those holidays. anthology holidays family read alouds
The Wretched Stone Chris Van Allsburg 1991 a strange glowing stone is picked up by a sailing ship's crew and they become entranced by it.
picture book fantasy enchantment sea stories
Discovering Science Secrets Sandra Markle 1991
nonfiction science, activities, experimenting
Wanted... Mud Blossom Betsy Byars 1991

The Monsters' Picnic Liza Alexander 1991

Mistakes That Worked Chorlotte Foltz Jones 1991 Forty familiar inventions and how they came to be
nonfiction inventions
Physics for Every Kid Janice VanCleave 1991
nonfiction science, physics, activities
Sound Science Etta Kaner 1991
nonfiction science, sound, activities
The Environmental Crisis David L. Bender & Bruno Leone 1991
nonfiction science, opposing viewpoints
Tuesday David Wiesner 1991
fantasy fiction picture book Caldecott winner
Free Fall David Wiesner 1991 A young boy dreams about adventure with dragons and castles in a faraway land. Illustrations take the viewer along. fantasy fiction picture book
Planet Hood Benjamin B. Ferencz & Ken Keyes, Jr. 1991
nonfiction science, resource to living
The Man Who Kept His Heart in a Bucket Sonia Levitin 1991
fairy tale love
Astronomy for Every Kid Janice VanCleave 1991
nonfiction science astronomy, activities
Everybody Cooks Rice Norah Dooley 1991

Protecting Trees & Forests Felicity Brooks 1991
nonfiction conservation science
Indian Chiefs Russell Freedman 1991 Indian Chiefs
nonfiction Native American
The Brave Robert Lipsyte 1991
realistic fiction boxing sports aggression conflict resolution adolescence native American
The Woman Who Outshone The Sun Alejandro C. Martinez 1991

Chrysanthemum Kevin Henkes 1991
picture book realistic liking yourself name
The Wright Brothers Russell Freedman 1991 Excellent story about engineering of airplanes and how time and scientific data was used to develop it. Whole story of development over years to marketing the plane and winning a government contract to personal, family, and travel of Wright Brothers through their life. nonfiction airplane engineering persistence family economics history
Keepers of the Animals Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac 1991

Keepers of the AnimalsA collection of 15 Native American stories about animals with related activities for children to promote responsible stewardship toward all animals on Earth, including humans.

It is an interdisciplinary program of study about animals, culture, ecology, environmental issues, and sustainability. Activities include art, theater, reading, writing, science, social studies, math, and sensory awareness.

Native American wildlife animals activities ecology environmental issues sustainability culture
Children of the Earth and Sky Stephen Krensky 1991

Children of the Earth and Sky cover


historical fiction Native American
Counting on Frank Rod Clement 1991
Santa Cows Cooper Edans 1991 Similar to Night Before Christmas
animal fantasy Christmas, Pattern book
Protecting Rivers & Seas Kamini Khanduri 1991
Environment, pollution
The Loner Ester Wier 1991

One, Two, One Pair! Bruce McMillan 1991 Number value 1, 2, pair
picture book number value 1, 2, pair mathematics
Take Me To Your Liter Charles Keller (compiler) 1991
metric measurement
The Boxcar Children #20 Gertrude Chandler Warner 1991
realistic fiction
Mouse Count Ellen Stoll Walsh 1991

Lost Girls Alone! Linda Williams Aber 1991

All About You Anholt, Catherine & Laurence 1991
picture book classroom management
Emma Bean Jean Van Leeuwen 1991

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Susan Jeffers 1991


Brother Eagle, Sister Sky cover

fiction folk tale Native American environmental
Shiloh Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 1991
fantasy fiction
Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment Clinton Cox 1991
historical fiction
Life in the Ghetto Anika Thomas 1991 Anika Thomas entered her story of her life in a national contest and won. The prize was to have her book and illustrations in it published. Her story is a first person telling of her life as a thirteen year old teenager in uptown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She describes boarded up houses and buildings, drugs, drunks, teenage pregnancy, arson, apathy, dope houses, bullying, violence, poverty, fighting, school, religion, and learning how to fight back to win. After describing her life she describes her dreams and hopes for herself and families future. autobiography ghetto, poverty
Amazing Grace Mary Hoffman 1991
picture book African American Black experience multicultural relationships
Lyddie Katherine Paterson 1991
realistic fiction
Prairie Vision The Life and Times of Solomon Butcher Pam Conrad 1991 A story about a photographer who photographed Nebraska. If you have seen pictures of Nebraska and Kansas frontier life during the time of the sod houses, then the pictures you were looking at were probably taken by Butcher. Read the tales that go with the pictures and events that preceded and followed the click of the shutter. An important source for not only a look at this period in time, but the often overlooked significance of photography and how it changed culture and the way people looked at and wanted to be looked at by themselves and others
Look for the turkey in the photo and read the text about it.
nonfiction Nebraska history pictures photography
Of Men And War John Hersey 1991

Eye Spy - A Mysterious Alphabet Linda Bourke 1991
picture book alphabet book concept book alphabet
Eating the Plates: A Pilgrim Book of Food and Manners Lucille Recht Penner 1991


Eating the Plates: A Pilgrim Book of Food and Manners cover

food pilgrim manners
The Fisherman's Song Carly Simon 1991
A fisherman casts a spell over a young island woman to maintain his solitary life. However, she sees things differently.
picture book poetry song book multimedia


Books published in 1992
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Hello, Amigos! Tricia Brown 1992
Invitation to share Frankie Valdez's birthday and his culture in the Mission District of San Francisco.
Spanish American nonfiction
The Ancient One T. A. Barron 1992
Kate travels to Oregon to visit Aunt Melanie where she discovers of a grove of giant redwood trees in Lost Crater. She decides to help protect the redwood forest from loggers, and ends up five hundred years earlier facing the evil Gashra, who also wants to destroy the same forest. She discovers all living things are connected, in ways she never expected, and true friendship can reach across cultures and centuries.
tune travel fantasy sustainability
The Widow's Bloom Chris Van Allsburg 1992 Great! ... Read-aloud! Witch out smarts close minded neighbors. fiction, scary, witch, tall tale, picture book
Franklin Is Lost Paulette Bourgeois 1992
picture book turtle lost
Picnic At Mudsock Meadow Patricia Polacco 1992 The Butterfly (
Junkyard Wonders
Chicken Sunday
Mrs. Katz and Tush (1992)
The Keeping Quilt (1988)
Picnic At Mudsock Meadow (1992)
Thunder Cake (1990)
Pink and Say (1994)
Thank you, Mr. Falker (1998)
picture book Halloween acceptance
The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor Joanna Cole 1992
nonfiction science oceanography ocean
Missing May Cynthia Rylant 1992

Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky Faith Ringgold 1992

Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky

historical fiction underground railroad slavery
Mrs. Katz and Tush Patricia Polacco 1992
picture book Jewish Passover life death
Alice Whoopi Goldberg 1992 Alice coverAlice lives in the city, has an invisible rabbit friend, Salvado De Rabbit, and wants to be rich. You know all the bling that ou see when a swank vehicle or limo pulls up and you get a peak inside or what you see in those downtown department store display windows. The fastest way would be to win ... So she entered every contest she could and waited by the mailbox. Until one day the letter came. And that s when I guess you could say Alice went down the rabbit hole. The rest of the story is about Alice s adventure through town in search of her prize. A crazy tale set in a city with surrealistic illustrations to go with the story. It is a fun and creative read and if you are a fan of Whoopi Goldberg as you read the lines you can imagine her saying them with her raspy voice. An excellent story in a setting that to often absent from quality literature in the fantasy genre. modern fantasy growing up modern day fairy tale myth legend
June 29, 1999 David Wiesner 1992 A preview (in 1992) of a future of gigantic vegetable proportions. modern fantasy science fiction future
Breakthrough in Science Isaac Asimov 1992 Twenty-six discoveries and the twenty-nine scientists who made them. From Archimedes to Goddard.
nonfiction science history discoveries
Don t Wake Up Mama! Eileen Christelow 1992

The King's Equal Katherine Paterson 1992 A twist in the stereotypical fairy tale where the princess is rescued by the handsome prince and they marry and live happily ever after. This Princess is truly the King s Equal. fairy tale fantasy relationships male female equals classroom management personal relationships
A River Ran Wild Lynne Cherry 1992 A River Ran Wild coverThe history of a New England Nashua River and the effect it had on people and the effect people had on the river. The book is illustrated with the life along the river as well as the technology of the people through time. From the rivers first encounter with Native Americans up to present day. Not only is the story of the river and its relationship with humans told both in text and beautiful illustrations, but borders are embedded with color pencil drawings of the cultural artifacts of the people during the time being depicted. A great story with enough detail and inspiration stirrings to motivate readers to deeper research into history of this river or other more personal histories of the reader. while the story has utility for historical research and historical understanding the book is more significant in its contribution for being a ground breaking children s story about water pollution. nonfiction environment historical technology water colors and pencil illustrations
The Icky Bug Counting Book Jerry Pallotta 1992
piccture book concept book counting insects mathematics number value
Each Orange Had 8 Slices Paul Giganti Jr. 1992 Number value, skip counting, multiples, addition, problem solving
picture book concept book number value skip counting multiples addition , problem solving mathematics fractions
George Washington A Picture Book Biography James Cross Giblin 1992

George Washington A Picture Book Biography cover


Thunder Rolling in the Mountains Scott O' Dell and Elizabeth Hall 1992 The story of the Nez Perce told in first person by Sound of Running in the Mountains, the daughter of Chief Joseph. Scott worked on this book up till two days before his death with his wife Elizabeth Hall finishing it. Extensive research based on survivors words were used in the writing along with the authors traveling the trail taken by Chief Joseph and his band. The information in the story is important for middle schools students to know. It is a good fourth grade read aloud with information that is available for older students in the original sources. Writing style is choppy and doesn t flow well at times and the character development is not strong.
Scott continued to work on this manuscript until two days before his death.
Characters based on actual Nex Perce and most words and deeds are from tellings of the survivors. Swan Necklace as a character in the book is created from three warriors - Swan Necklace, Strong Eagle, and Yellow Wolf (Chief Joseph s nephew).
Other books used -
Luculllus V. McWhorter books - Yellow Wolf: His Own Story and Hear Me, My Chiefs - eyewitness accounts from both sides
And others...

Old Joseph gave her a rifle. when became a women 14, learned to use it.
Shot hole in the bottom of a pan of a woman settler.
historical fiction Nez Perce Chief Joseph
Man-Eaters Lorraine Jean and Christopher Hopping Egan 1992
nonfiction science, animals,
Discovering Mars Melvin Berger 1992
nonfiction science planets astronomy
A Million Fish More or Less Patricia C. McKissack 1992
picture book fall tale number value estimation mathematics large numbers million
Draw Me a Star Eric Carle 1992
picture book artist , family
Just Me and My Cousin Gina and Mercer Mayer 1992
picture book realistic fiction amily relationships
Rachel Parker Kindergarten Show-Off Ann Martin 1992
realistic fiction classroom management, showoff
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales John Scieszka 1992
retellings fairy tales humorous
Letting Swift River Go Jane Yolen 1992 A story based on the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir from the Swift River for the demand of water in the town of Boston. A story where the main character grows up in a town on the river and has to relocate because of the flooding of her town. She later returns in a boat to view her past under water and realizes the past is gone and its time to move on. A thought provoking book on how to reconcile past and present and the needs of different groups of people. picture book historical fiction letting go moving on sacrifice for the good of many
Science in a Bag Sandra Markle 1992
nonfiction science activities experimenting
1000 Facts About Wild Animals Butterfield, Moira 1992
nonfiction science animals
Marvin Redpost Kidnapped at Birth? Louis Sachar 1992
realistic fiction family kidnapped First chapter book easy reader
The Practical Entomologist Rick Imes 1992
nonfiction science insects
Thirteen Moons on Turtle s Back Joseph Bruchac & Jonathan London 1992
picture book Native American Myth
Amazing Armored Animals Dorling Kindersle 1992
nonfiction concept book life science animals protection
Me First Helen Lester 1992

Weather & Climate Fiona Watt & Francis Wilson 1992
nonfiction weather science
Magical Science Eric Ladizinsky 1992
nonfiction science magic activities
Are there any questions Denys Cazet 1992
Field Trip Questions
Red Light Green Light Margaret Wise Brown 1992
picture book patterns
The Last Basselope Berkeley Breathed 1992 The Last Basselope coverZany story of adventure and escape from the media blitz.
Dandelion eating Basselope and Opus the great hunter.
picture book imagination
Fern Gully Dianna Young 1992

Lunch Denise Fleming 1992

Lunch cover

Trouble with Trolls Jan Brett 1992 Trevi climbs a mountain with her dog and has trouble with trolls. Using her creative ability she wins the day. picture book ingenuity, self dependence, trolls, myth legend
Mike Fink Steven Kellogg 1992
legend tall tale picture book
Winter at Long Pond William T. George 1992 Environmental picture book that show what Long Pond is like through the seasons. nonfiction picture book science, pond, environment, seasons
Talking with Artists Pat Cummings editor 1992
nonfiction artists, painting, autobiography
Beauty and The Beast Jerrard, Jane 1992

Shortcut Donald Crews 1992

Dreamcatcher Sudrey Osofsky 1992 Dreamcatcher cover Ojibway tale about a mother who makes a dreamcatcher and what happens when it is placed on her baby's backboard. fantasy fiction picture book Native American, Indian, Ojibway, dreams, dreamweaver soft pastel chalk drawings
The Real McCoy Wendy Towle 1992

A story about a black American inventor.

Elijah McCoy, son of a fugitive slaves who settles in Ontario, Canada, where Elijah is born in 1844. Elijah love to take things apart and put them back together led him to Scotland where he becomes an engineer. He goes to the United States after the Civil War, where the only job he can get is as a fireman with a train company. The story continues with his life, inventions 50 patents, community involvement.

nonfiction history biography cience inventor Black The Real McCoy African American black experience multicultural engineer
Pterodactyls and Pizza Lee Bennett Hopkins 1992
poetry collection
Doctor De Soto Goes To Africa William Steig 1992


Books published in 1993
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Dragons Are Singing Tonight Jack Prelutsky 1993
poetry collection
Grandfather's Journey Allen Say 1993 Grandfather's Journey coverStory of a man who visits the U. S. and learns to love it. He has a daughter who grew up in California by the San Francisco Bay. However, when the girl was nearly grown he misses his homeland, of Japan, and returns. After awhile he wants to return to America, but the war stops him. He never returns, but his grandson does. The text is supported with beautiful colored paintings with a Japanese style.
nonfiction picture book immigration Japan multicultural family
Wanna Bet? Science Challenges to Fool You Cobb, Vicki and Darling, Kathy 1993
nonfiction concept book science activities
Spiders Gail Gibbons 1993
nonfiction concept book science spiders
All About Water Berger, Melvin 1993
nonfiction concept book science water
I Want To Be Thylias Moss 1993
picture book poetry self identity classroom management
The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures Tahan 1993
Cookies Jaspersohn 1993
Twelve Ways to Get to Eleven Merriam, Eve 1993
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Deborah Hopkinson 1993 Sara makes a quilt that becomes the key to escaping slavery. historical fiction mathematics spatial relationship geometry patterns number value science relative position mapping African American black experience multicultural
Benny's Pennies Pat Brisson 1993 Benny's Pennies coverBenny shops and buys five objects for the family.
picture book fiction mathematics
Tracks in the Sand Loreen Leedy 1993 Tracks in the Sand coverThe life cycle of the loggerhead sea turtle, an endangered species, is told as it follows an instinct more than a million years old. Illustrated with realistic chalk drawings in browns, greys, and blues. picture book nonfiction environment
Raven Gerald McDermott 1993

In the Small, Small Pond Denise Fleming 1993
nonfiction science pond environment
Tracks in the Wild Betsy Bowen 1993
nonfiction science nature animals tracks
Night John Gary Paulsen 1993 Sarny (12) brutal life as a slave becomes more dangerous when a newly arrived slave offers to teach her to read.
historical fiction slavery reading America south
Just A Thunderstorm Gina and Mercer Mayer 1993
picture book realistic fiction
Marvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me? Louis Sachar 1993
realistic fiction first chapter book easy reader
Outside and Inside Trees Sandra Markle 1993
nonfiction science plants trees
Meet the Authors and Illustrators Volume 2 Deborah Kovacs and James Peller 1993
nonfiction authors artists illustrators 60 creators
One Hundred Hungry Ants Elinor J Princzes 1993 How fast to picnic in lines of 1, 2, 10
picture book fantasy fiction mathematics multiples factors
Is A Blue Whale The Biggest Thing There Is? Robert E. Wells 1993 Size of the Universe, really big numbers
picture book whale science size length proportion measurement mathematics
Ship David Macaulay 1993 Ship coverThis is two books in one. A fictionalize story of a ship and its construction in medieval Europe as described by the main character who visits the shipyard during its construction. The second part of the book describes an archeological expedition and its recovery of the same ship. Accurate descriptions provide insight into the vessel as well as how archeology can help uncover our history previously forgotten.
Curiously it could be both fiction and nonfiction.
nonfiction historical fiction Europe medieval, building , architecture structures archeology record keeping
Marvin Redpost Is He a Girl? Louis Sachar 1993 Casey Hampton (girl) tells Marvin Redpost that if he kisses the outside part of his elbow he will turn into a girl....
realistic fiction boy girl relationship First chapter book easy reader
Wanna bet? Science Challenges to Fool You Vicki Cobb & Kathy Darling 1993
nonfiction science group experiments
And So They Build Bert Kitchen 1993
Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Blast of Science Bill Nye 1993
nonfiction science activities
The Amateur Meteorologist Explorations and Investigations H. Michael Mogil and Barbara G. Levine 1993
nonfiction science weather activities
Seas and Oceans Felicity Brooks 1993
picture book concept book nonfiction sea ocean science
Moose and Friends Jim Latimer 1993
fantasy fiction
Tom Tomie de Paola 1993
picture book autobiography
Weather Seymore Simon 1993
nonfiction concept book weather science
Time for Bed Mem Fox 1993 Australian author
All animals going to sleep, sweet dreams my darling goodnight

You ll Drive Me Wild
Koala Lou
Hattie and the Fox
Time for Bed
picture book fiction poetry family going to sleep global Australian
Dragon's Gate Laurence Yep 1993

Look Closer Brian and Rebecca Wildsmith 1993

Where's That Reptile? Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 1993

picture book concept book

nonfiction science reptile animals

Where's That Insect? Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 1993
picture book nonfiction science insects camaflouge
The Giver Lois Lowry 1993

The Giver coverA novel that draws readers into it with determination to explain what is happening and to use all available means to discover along with Jonas the workings of the community. What is going on? Does Jonas have special powers? are they gifts or not? Can he change or is change impossible? What must he do to have his freedom? Must he escape or adapt? What are possibilities of a better future depending on the choices he makes?

Main character - Jonas
Supporting characters - Mother, Father, Lily, Ascher - best friend
Setting - future, small modern town
Point of view - third with many quotes where Jonas uses I in the beginning of the story.
Plot -
Style -
Tone -
Chapter 1
Jonas Starts with aircraft buzzing the community and wondering why - since it was against the rules and the pilot would be released - overwhelming statement of failure.
Sister - Lily; Best friend - Asher had to appologize to class for being late.
Author plays with words finding a word that accurately fits the occasion (apprehensive, distraught, distracted, apprehensive
Didn t know what animals were p only used for a person that was uneducated or clumsy, talk about lesser jobs, night crew, family units, two children - gender male and female.
Ceremony of twelve
Chapter 2
Talk of naming ceremony 50 if none released. Father breaking rule of calling child by name before naming ceremony. Narration about rule of bike riding not taken seriously, Ceremony of 12 last ceremony. Increased observations as would get assignment group for life job. Siter returns comments loing private conversation and she is waiting for her comfort object - elephant.

Chapter 3
Mirrors were forbidden. Lily comments on desire to be birthmother and her mother says don t say that, there is very little honor in it. Three years - three births and then hard labor. Jonas remembers apple and how he took and later appologized and there was an announcement about taking food. Also note about how it changed as he tossed it in the air - 4 times it happened.
Chapter 4
Jonas contemplating what his assignment might be. Thinks of classmate Benjamin - rehabillitation job as spent much time there. Went to House of Old where Asher and Fiona were. They celebrated a release that morning. Helped bath... Larissa. Rule not to look at another s nakedness - except newchild or old. Edna was birthmother and food processor. Tried to make life interesting, but not really. Not like Roberto s... Where did he GO? bowed to all of us and then walked, like the all do, through the special door in the releasing room.
Chapter 5
Morning ritual family members told dreams. Jonas, Fiona, bath house wanted her to take clothes off and get into tub.. his wanting feelings. Mom tells it is the Stirrings. Take pill. Knew friends did but didn t talk about because it might fall into the uncomfortable category of being different. Always better to talk about things that were the same.

Chapter 6
Naming ceremony. Gabe not there. Had been given another year of nurturing which was unusual as before the child would have been released. Fiona Bruno, Another got a replacement child Caleb - for Caleb who fell in the river... Very unusual, Ceremony of Loss, Murmur-of Replacement Ceremony. Lily - 8 jacket and first time pockets to show she was mature enough to keep trackof her own small belongings. Nines - bike; tens - hair cut; elevens clothes and calculator; 12 - Asher tells story of 12 wanted to be an engineer and got assigned a sanitation laborer; Jumped in the river and swam to the next community. The rules say you can apply for elsewhere and be released. Jonas wondered How could someone not fit in? The community was so meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made. He was certain that the committee of elders would make the right decision.
Chapter 7
His number was 11-19 eleven years old and the 19 born of his birth group. Harriet was 11-19 at lunch as there would be two for a short time. Today is the day to honor your differences _ Chief Elder she said. Assignments begin. Talks of Asher learning to talk confuse smack with snack and discipline wand used till Asher stopped talking until began with greater precision. Asher director of recreation. thank you for your childhood. She skipped me, went to 20. Jonas bowed his head and searched through his mind, What had he done wrong?

Chapter 8
The audience was ill at ease. Jonas felt humiliation and terror. The Chief Elder says you feel I have made a mistake. I have caused you anxiety, I apologize. Jonas has not been assigned, he has been selected. Receiver of Memory. We failed in our last selection ten years ago. The Receiver-in-training cannot be observed, cannot be modified. Clearly stated in the rules. No dreams of uncertainty. You will be faced with pain of a magnitude that none of us here can comprehend because it is beyond our experience. Must have intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond. He wanted to ccry out that he was not the one, that they had chosen wrongly. But when he looked at the crowd, the thing with apple happened again. They changed. He blinked, and it was gone. He felt a tiny sliver of sureness for the first time. His heart swelled with gratitude and pride and at the same time filled with fear. He didn t know what his selction meant, what he was to become, or what would become of him.
Chapter 9

science fiction destopican society ecoming an adult society growing up social
Easy Science Experiments Diane Molleson and Sarah Savage 1993
nonfiction science experiments activities
Goodnight Opus Berkeley Breathed 1993 Goodnight Opus coverBedtime story begins with grandmother telling a fairly ordinary talek, and then Opus takes over. Both learn to depart from the text!
picture book being creative adventure
MicroAliens Dazzling Journey's with an Electron Microscope Howard Tomb and Dennis Kunkel 1993
nonfiction science electron microscope observation
12 Ways To Get To 11 Eve Merriam 1993 Sums of 11
concept book sums of 11, addition mathematics number value
The Bully Brothers Mike Thaler 1993

One, Two, Three, Count With Me Catherine & Laurence Anholt 1993
mathematics, counting
Pass it on Wade Hudson 1993

Stellaluna Janell Cannon 1993
picture book fantasy bats animals
The Boggart Susan Cooper 1993 Emily and Jessup get more than they bargained for when they travel with their parents to Scotland to deal with the Castle Keep their parents inherited. When they decide to ship some furniture and books as keep sakes back to Canada the Boggart, from Scottish tradition, hides in a desk. When the desk is opened an all ready exciting adventure switches into high gear. The Boggart creates all kinds of mischief on Halloween and during the opening of her father's Shakespeare's play Cymbeline. Maggie and Robert discuss having Emily sent to a mental hospital with Mr. Stigmore, The gang of five help, Tommy, from Scotland helps, and Jess communicates with the Boggart through the computer, it goes into a black hole. Jess downloads it onto a computer disk and mails it home to the Castle Keep, It's is released by Tommy and arrives home to fine a new owner with a puppy and two children. Do I smell a sequel? fiction ghost story Scottish children family boggart
My Mother's Getting Married Joan Drescher 1993

remarriage stepfamilies
Barnyard Dance Sandra Boynton 1993

Barnyard dance cover Picture book with musical verses for a banyard dance with the barnyard animals as partners. Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!

Animals include: horse, cow, pig, bunny, duck, chickens, mice, donkey, sheep, chicks,turkey, frog, dog, and some of the sounds they make.

2008 edition had CD single with the song - audio on sound cloud

music song picture book barnyard animals dance
One, Two, Three Sandra Boynton 1993 One, Two, Three coverCosts with rhymes to ten and back to one.
picture book counting book rhyme book


Books published in 1994
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Pink and Say Patricia Polacco 1994

A story told through the eyes of a White soldier about how a young black soldier rescues him. Explores the injustices of slavery and the senselessness of war. Highly emotional masterful retelling of a true story.

Other books by Polacco:

  • The Butterfly (
  • Junkyard Wonders
  • Chicken Sunday
  • Mrs. Katz and Tush (1992)
  • The Keeping Quilt (1988)
  • Picnic At Mudsock Meadow (1992)
  • Thunder Cake (1990)
  • Thank you, Mr. Falker (1998)
Civil War conflict friendship
The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs Joanna Cole 1994
fiction fantasy nonfiction science dinosaurs archeology
Architecture and Construction
nonfiction architecture building science
Voyager An Adventure Through Space John Gustafson 1994
nonfiction space astronomy
Meet Danitra Brown Nikki Grimes 1994 Two bubbly vivacious young girls are the center piece of this marvelous collection of poems that fit together within this volume. It is beautifully illustrated in warm dreamy oils that stir feelings of hope and goodness the two girls have about being black, female, and confident, as well as family, friendship, art, and education. Zuri Jackson poetry collection picture book African American black experience multicultural relationships, friends poem collection
Armies of Ants Walter Retan 1994
Flip-Flop Girl Katherine Paterson 1994 What does it feel like to loose your best friends? What is it like to have to move to another city and school? Can a teacher and classmates make a difference or will loneliness, fear, and apprehension cause the main character to flip flop and change her life in a negative way forever? Katherine Paterson, award winning author, has again written a story that captures the loneliness and painful thoughts and emotions of three socially immature youth - Vinnie, Mason and Lupe. Does she create the time needed and support characters - such as an empathetic teacher willing and able to intervene? Can unequal treatment of unequal students be realized so sufficient and appropriate support can be provide until these students understand and learn how to become a healthy part of their world? realistic fiction moving school relationships fear multicultural
Adopted by the Eagles Paul Goble 1994


Adopted by the Eagles cover

picture book Native American, legend
There's a Hole in My Pocket Akimi Gibson 1994 Number value, zero
picture book fiction number value, zero, mathematics
Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm Jerdine Noel 1994 Harvey teaches a girl how to grow balloons
picture book magic fantasy believing
I Never Knew Your Name Sherry Garland 1994

I Never Knew Your Name coverPicture book written in verse where a younger boy tells his view of the story of an adolescent boy who committed suicide who he knew, but never knew his name.

Sheldon Greenberg illustrated it with oil paints and captures the moods of the story in style and color.

A powerful story of the inhumanity that going about our lives everyday can create.

picture book realistic fiction suicide relationships classroom management friendship
101 Nutty Nature Jokes Melvin Berger 1994
joke book science nature
Outdoor Science Adventures Melvin Berger 1994
nonfiction science activities nature life science
The Story of Malcolm X, Civil Rights Leader Megan Stine 1994

Sanctuary The Story of Three Arch Rocks Mary Ann Fraser 1994 Ever wonder how nature preserves or animal sanctuaries come into existence? It literally takes years and a dedicated team of people (usually scientists of some sort) to catalogue every living thing within the boundaries of the area that is to become a sanctuary. Sanctuary The Story of Three Arch Rocks tells the story of how it became the first bird sanctuary in the United States. The text is supported with photographs and sketches to convey a little of what it must be like to create a protected area for wildlife.
Great book on the history of Three Arch Rocks and how it became the first bird sanctuary. The author does a good job showing how a survey and documentation of the island was done.
nonfiction science birds sanctuary
The King's Commissioners Friedman 1994
picture book riddle mathematics
Jumping the Broom Courtni C. Wright 1994 Jumping the Broom coverQuilt patterns
fiction mathematics
Fireflies Caroline Arnold 1994
coral poetry
Mouse and Mole and the Christmas Walk Doug Cushman 1994
picture book mouse mole Christmas
When the Fly Flew in Lisa Westberg Peters 1994 A child said I can t clean my room all the animals are sleeping
A fly enters and the dog, cat, paraket, and hamster clean the room.
fantasy fiction cleaning room animals prediction
Science-Just Add Salt Sandra Markle 1994
nonfiction science activities experimenting
Footprints in the Snow Cynthia Benjamin 1994
picture book winter, rabbits snow animal tracks
More Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School Louis Sachar 1994 Puzzles and quizzes
puzzle book mathematics problems
Mole's Hill Lois Ehlert 1994

Catherine, Called Birdie Karen Cushman 1994
historical fiction Princess 1290 middle ages arranged marriages
Marvin Redpost Alone in his Teacher's House Louis Sachar 1994
fiction school teacher
Eve and Smithy Michelle Edwards 1994
picture book ageism relationships classroom management
Flower Garden Eve Bunting 1994

Toys in Space Dr. Carolyn Sumners 1994
nonfiction space science astronauts toys
Water David L. Bender and Bruno Leone 1994
nonfiction science opposing viewpoints
Keepers of the Night Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac 1994

Keepers of the NightA collection of Native American stories with related nighttime activities for children to promote responsible stewardship toward the Earth and its inhabitants.

It is an interdisciplinary program of study about and with nighttime activities, culture, ecology, environmental issues, and sustainability. Activities include art, theater, reading, writing, science, social studies, math, and sensory awareness.

Native American wildlife nighttime activities ecology environmental issues sustainability culture
Fraction Action Loreen Leedy 1994 Fractional parts as equal shares, and parts of a whole
picture book fractions concept book mathematics, fractional parts as equal shares, and parts of a whole
John Jeremy Colton Bryan Jeffery Leech 1994

John Jeremy Colton< coverA great story told in verse about John Jeremy Colton who is an eccentric that the children of Bolten learn to love and enjoy. However, because of his being different some parents begin to fear his relationship with their children and demand their children not go to his house. John becomes depressed until the people realize the error of their ways and Bolten becomes a very different place.

Delightful story that is illustrated with bright colors, bizarre shapes, in the most unusual and strange patterns. The text font is changed as the text wanders around the pages in every which direction. The meandering text makes it cumbersome to read and a reader may find times when it is it difficult to follow the story. However, the determined reader will find a story worth the struggle.

picture book poetry realistic fiction relationships friendship acceptance stereotypes
Math Tricks, Puzzles & Games Raymond Blum 1994
nonfiction how to book tricks puzzles games mathematics
The Greedy Triangle Marilyn Burns 1994
picture book triangles, mathematics, geometry greed
Willy Whyner, Cloud Designer Michael & Esther Lustig 1994 Great story about Willy and how he designs clouds and the consequences when they are marketed. picture book science fiction clouds technology water cycle
Pigs Will Be Pigs Amy Axelrod 1994 Money hunt, how much did they find and what did they have left after dinner?
animal fantasy fiction mathematics
Town Mouse Country Mouse Jan Brett 1994
picture book mouse country
A Game Of Catch Richard Wilbur 1994 A story of two friends (Glennie and Monk) playing catch with a baseball and their gloves when Scho comes along. The three boys obviously know each other and want to be friendly to each other. However, Scho probably doesn t really want to play catch, but he wants to fit in and be part of the group. Anyway the story is about how the boys unsuccessfully attempt to get along until they get mad at each other and one of them falls out of a tree. All three end up leaving with their dignity protected, but nothing learned learned positively from their social interactions. This is a picture book and it isn t for primary students. It is very appropriate for fourth grade and upward to junior high to use as a discussion starter about social skills and how to enter and be part of a group. Or to talk about how such sparse text and illustrations were able to create deep emotional response and inferences about the characters inner feelings and motivations. I love sharing this book and listening to the discussion that follows about the characters motivations. picture book realistic fiction friendship getting along social skills baseball middle school fitting in
Where's That Fish? Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 1994

Prince Nautilus Laura Krauss Melmed 1994 Princess turns down prince because she wants to see the world
modern fantasy gender modern day fairy tale
But Names Will Never Hurt Me Bernard Waber 1994 Horn Book: "Alison Wonderland's predicament and its amusing resolution are set forth with freeflowing humor in a lively text and three-color characteristically down-to-earth illustrations."
picture book sex roles teasing
Red Ranger Came Calling Berkeley Breathed 1994 Fantasy about a boy that wants a Red Ranger bike. Goes to visit Santa Claus and finds that this Santa is a bit old and senile. Will Santa come through or not? picture book belief magic Christmas Santa Claus
I Left My Sneakers In Dimension X Bruce Coville 1994
science fiction
Magic Eye II NE Thing Enterprises 1994
picture book visual pictures science magnification
Coming Home from the Life of Langston Hughes Floyd Cooper 1994 Coming Home from the Life of Langston Hughes coverLangston was born in Joplin, Missouri, grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, and also lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. His mother, father, and grandmother, cared for him as they could, but were often called away because of their jobs, economic situation, and being black in a largely segregated world. As a result Langston traveled, observed, and world which became integral to his writings. A strong theme through out the story is how Langston never really had a home and how all his life he searched for a place called home and found it had to be inside himself. The text and pastel illustrations provide a powerful introduction for students to Langston Hughes. historical fiction biography African American Black experience multicultural poets
The Day The Women Got The Vote: A Photo History of the Women s Rights Movement George Sullivan 1994 This book is five stars for the photos that it includes. The text may not be five star, but the topics are so important and there are so few books that deal with the subject adequately for the young reader that this book is important as a umping off point and a big gap filler of American History and specifically for women. picture book nonfiction women suffrage equal rights ERA
Julie Jean Craighead George 1994 The Sequel to Julie of the Wolves.
Julie returns to her father s Eskimo village, struggles to find a way to save her beloved wolves in a changing Arctic world ,and she falls in love with a young Siberian man. She sees the problem as a conflict between the old Eskimo way (old rule), and the White or Minnesota way (new rule). A very insightful message is told as Julie struggles with her wolves and another pack to save them from starvation. In this struggle the reader can learn that survival of the fittest may not be a law of nature. That maybe nature is united in a harmony of life sustained by balancing the needs of the living with the needs of the environment. A profound insightful and respectful story of an Arctic culture.
The Sequel to Julie of the Wolves.

Julie returns to her father s Eskimo village, struggles to find a way to save her beloved wolves in a changing Arctic world ,and she falls in love with a young Siberian man. She sees the problem as a conflict between the old Eskimo way (old rule), and the White or Minnesota way (new rule),

"Kapu," Julie whispered on, "do you know what the Eskimo knows? Did you let the peregrine falcon eat and live because the tundra community needs falcons? Is that why you did not take her food? I believe so. The elders say the wolf sacrifices not only for its family, but for the whole environment." (p.141)

With that Julie finally realized what the three wolves were saying. This invisible line, marked with urine and paw marks, was the end of the pack s territory, One step over and they were breaking a wolf taboo. She was heartsick. She could not reach caribou land with her wolves. (p. 144)

Through some mysterious signals the wolves had told each other they would join forces and become one pack. And, it seemed to Julie, she had been the messenger. How it had all come to be she did not know. (p. 156)

"...Julie gathered her belongings to go home. A ravine winged out of the sky and boldly alighted on her pack. He quoinked, the call of his kind to assemble. Soundlessly, on great black wings, three more ravens appeared, then seven more.

"Wise birds," Julie said. She had not seen a raven since the first day on the tundra. "They know what is going to happen."

A red fox appeared. He had followed the ravens, knowing they could see food from on high. He would share what they found. "But there is no food yet," Julie said aloud, puzzled. ...The raven and fox know something she did not. Perhaps, she said to herself, that chorus of wolf voices told the tundra life that there were now five, not just three, adult wolves and they were ready to hunt big game as wolves do. (pp. 158-159)

"Ellen," Julie said softly, never taking her eyes off the baby, "little Amaroq will pounce and narl and wrestle. He will romp out on the tundra like a caribou calf. You will think he is naughty, but he will be good. All you have to do is call like a mother wolf, and he will come right back. I have seen this."

"I have seen this, too, all right," Kapugen said, checking the thongs on the cradle he had made so that the baby could hang in the midst of the living activities.

Ellen looked at her child and then at Julie.

"Julie," she said, "I have the feeling you believe the spirit of your wolf is in my son."

"He is," Julie said unabashedly. "This is Amaroq." She patted his tiny head. (pp. 182-183)

"Julie looked at her father s wife. This stepmother she loved so much did not know what every Eskimo knew from birth: that people and animals coexist for the welfare of both." (207).

"Julie despaired. She had been talking to Ellen since the sun had gone down about cycles and the rise of one animal and the fall of another. She had held up her hands and told her how the Eskimo knew they were related to all the animals because they all had the same bones in one shape or another. She had told her that wolves keep the environment healthy, and that when the environment is healthy, people are healthy. (p.p. 214-215)

"Julie," she said. "I understand. I understand. Please go tell Kapugen I am wrong: the Minnesota law does not work here." (p 218).

Some questions can be asked periodically through the story. After reading the excerpts above it may be a good time to ask:

Why would Julie do so much to save wolves?
Should the wolves be killed to save the musk ox?
Should they follow the Eskimo rule or the Minnesota rule?
For what did Julie care?
For what did Kapugen care?
For what did Ellen care?
What do you feel?
How did the characters change in the story?
historical fiction wolves native Americans Eskimo environment nature multicultural for the good of all
Smokey Night Eve Bunting & David Diaz 1994
A young boy and his mother witness the Los Angeles riots in a safe place after having to leave their apartment.
picture book Caldecott winner


Books published in 1995
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
In the Woods: Who's Been Here? Lindsay Barrett George 1995
In the Woods: Who's Been Here? coverCammy and William don't see any wildlife as they walk through the woods, yet there are signs everywhere that animals have been around. Join in the search for Who's been here?
science nature picture book
The Butterfly Alphabet book Brian Cassie & Jerry Pollotto 1995
Learnabout butterflies
alphabet science nature butterflies picture book
Math Curse Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith 1995 A delightful story about one student believes he or she has developed a math curse. A math curse in that everything in the world becomes a math problem. Was it simply because Mrs. Fibonacci said, You know, you can think of almost everything as a math problem. Then the next day the problem started? Travel through through this book and see examples of how math is in the world and how if you ever find yourself with the math curse it is simply a matter of use a couple of fractions to remove the curse and make math understandable for you. picture book fiction problem solving mathematics math anxiety
Down the Road Alice Schertle 1995 Down the Road coverPicture story about a young girl who begs her parents to let her go to the store on her own. When she does instead of coming home with eggs she ends up with apples. A very touching story where the parents deal with a problem in a most creative and appropriate way to foster growth. Theme - don't cry over spilt eggs! picture book realistic fiction parenting making the best of a worse situation classroom management families apples African American black experience multicultural
Venus Among the Fishes Elizabeth Hall and Scott O Dell 1995
fantasy fiction
Questions and Answers About Bees Betty Polisar Reigot 1995
nonfiction bees insects animals science
Officer Buckle and Gloria Peggy Rathmann 1995
picture book fiction classroom management relationships teamwork
Math in the Bath Sara Ethereally 1995
picture book mathematics sink float capacity density
The Worst Person in the World James Stevenson 1995
Funny story about what happens when the sourest, meanest, Worst Person in the World meets the Ugliest Thing in the World.
Hold Fast to Dreams Andrea Davis Pinkney 1995 Andrea Davis Pinkney tells a powerful story about good and bad relationships between people and particularly this family of four. The setting is a Connecticut town and the plot is about a black family that moves into this town of Wexford where everyone is white. Pinkney tells their struggle to belong by describing the characters experiences and feelings as they go about their daily lives at school, work, and in the community. The tone and style that is totally realistic and believable, without succumbing to the use of sensationalism, yet compels you to read and leaves you with an emotional transaction and understanding of the character s feelings as they struggle to find a place. realistic fiction African American black experience multicultural prejudice, family relationships, black and white relationships excellent read
The Tent Gary Paulsen 1995
realistic fiction family relationships, religion
The Gorgon Slayer Gary Paulsen 1995
fantasy fiction
A Wasp Is Not a Bee Marilyn Singer 1995

A Whale Is Not A Fish and Other Animal Mix-ups Melvin Berger 1995
nonfiction science whale animals
The Great Fire Jim Murphy 1995 Chicago, Old Lady Leary, and a lantern in the shed... Truth or ... Great story that goes back to try to answer the proverbial question with facts. nonfiction Chicago fire
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Ann Morris 1995 28 Illustrations of shoes from around world. picture book mathematics patterns multicultural
The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds Cole, Joanna 1995
nonfiction science plants seeds life science
A Remainder of One Elinor J. Pinczes 1995 Division, matrix multiplication
concept book mathematics numbers division patterns
A Quarter From the Tooth Fairy Caren Holtzman 1995 Quarter and equivalent coins
fantasy fiction mathematics money
The Golden Compass Philip Pullman 1995

The first in a trilogy (The Dark Materials - 1. The Golden Compass, 2. The Subtle Knife & 3. The Amber Spyglass) is an epic fantasy with witches, talking bear kings and a daemon for each person in animal form representing the inner self or souls. Pullman begins his story in Oxford England at a time when England was supreme, starting the industrial revolution, politically powerful government, church, and educational center of the world. Within this setting Lyra is coming of age; expanding her explorations into the organizations that vie to rule the world - government and religion. How people can be good and evil, how they conduct themselves, make choices and what should be her role in her life and death.

His Dark Materials Book 1

  • Lyra Belacqua (Silvertongue) and her daemon Pantalaimon, hide in wardrobe listen...
  • Discover - alethiometer, attempt on Lord Asriel (snow leopard) Uncle, to poison him, Thorold - Lord
  • Asriel's butler
  • Lord Asriel (snow leopard) Uncle,
  • Master of Jordan College of Oxford
  • Scholars: Librarian, Sub-Rector, Enquirer...
  • Stanislaus Grumman expedition to find particles of dust...
  • Barnard Stokes - postulated the existence of numerous other worlds
  • Holy Church - two worlds heaven and hell
  • King of Svalbard - bear king
  • Serafina Pekkala - witch
  • John Faa
  • Farder Coram
  • Ragnar Sturlusson
  • Lee Scoresby
  • Hester
  • Panserbjorne, armored bears king Iofur Raknison
  • Trelawney
  • Gyptian families Little Tony Makarios was caught by the lady with the golden monkey
  • Roger friend in kitchen
  • Capture narrow boat, Ma Costa, Billy,
  • General Oblation Board, Gobblers,
  • Setting - Oxford, London, Muscovy far North, Lapland, Fortress at Svalbard,


Lyra Belacqua (Silvertongue) and her daemon Pantalaimon, hide in wardrobe listen... Discover - alethiometer and an attempt on Lord Asriel (snow leopard) Uncle, to poison him
Roger and Billy Costa are taken by Gobblers.
At dinner Lyra meets Mrs. Marisa Coulter (golden monkey) and is amazed by her. So when she is asked to go with her north and that she will take over her education, she wants to go. Her fear she won t be allowed is unfounded as she discovers Mrs. Coulter has some kind of influence on the Master so he agrees. Lyra is elated.
Before leaving the Master gives Lyra an alethiometer (Golden Compass) and tells her it can tell her the truth, but not how it works. Above all else don t let Mrs. Coulter know you have it.
Lyra goes shopping and generally likes the new arrangements until one day she is ordered to get rid of the bag she carries (has alethiometer in it) She refuses and Mrs. Coulter s monkey attacks Pan and she tells Lyra she will obey...
Lyra now hates Mrs. Coulter and searches her study and finds evidence she is involved with the Gobblers (General Oblation Board) the papers also list Roger and Billy among the taken. Then she catches the monkey trying to steal the alethiometer.
Pan gets it back and they escape out an upstairs window.
No sooner than Lyra runs away that she is caught in a Gobbler s throwing net,
However, she is saved by the Gyptians.
Lyra travels with the Gyptians and meets - Tony Costa, deadmen s daemons faded, John Faa, ropings, Farder Coram/seer, Learn - mom dad still alive and dad killed Edward Coulter...

They are forming a party to rescue the children. Lord Asriel 135 helped Gyptians... How to use the alethiometer, create party...
Farder Coram wants to find Serafina Pekkala, a witch. Who tells Lyra she is part of a prophecy involving the fate of the world, and where the children are being held, and she should employ the armored bear Iorek Byrnison Svalbard bear King. Meets Lee Scoresby aeronaut, discovers a bear s armor is his soul and Lyra happened to know where the armor was... little boy with fish Ratter...
Attacked by Tartars arrows... Lyra captured taken to experimental station, meet other children, touch your daemons, cut, Roger rescue, find daemons and release with help of goose, fire drill, Mrs. Coulter arrives finds Lyra, looks for alethiometer, finds soldered tin with spy-fly attack, Lyra runs, fire alarm, fire... escape, Gyptians and Iorek Byrnison arrive...
Kids safe Gyptians laid waste to Bolvanger meet Serafina Pekkala balloon to Lord Asriel at Svalbard.
Balloon to Svalbard. attacked by cliff-ghasts, Lyra captured by bears and taken to Iofur Raknison. Dungeon, spins tale to tell Iofur to get him to challenge Iorek to fight for kingdom. Iorek becomes king, release all prisoners...
Iorek Byrnison - takes Lyra to where father is held prisoner. Meet...
Father leaves with supplies and Roger heading for bridge.
What he needed was a child and she had brought him Roger.
No wonder when he first saw her he was so bewildered.
Iorek and his bears take Lyra.
Zepplin and troops follow, battle, flame thrower sets Zepplin ablaze...
Sees her parents talk, mother refuses to go and she is in tears,
Father leaves to destroy dust or stop it affecting people, if they think dust is bad, it must be good... We believed them that it was bad but what if it s -
We got it wrong with Roger we won t get it wrong again.
Walks into the sky...

science fiction good vs evil fantasy adventure parent child relationships
The Well: David's Story Mildred Taylor 1995 David Logan - Cassie, Stacey, Christopher-John, and Little-man s father in the Logan family.

historical fiction Black experience American south
Magnet Science Glen Vecchione 1995
nonfiction science magnets
Anno s Magic Seeds Mitsumasa Anno 1995 Double, +,-
picture book doubles mathematics addition subtraction multiplication functions patterns
Alexander, Who s Not Do you hear me? I Mean it! Going to Move Judith Viorst 1995
picture book realistic fiction moving family home
Storms and Hurricanes Kathy Gemmell 1995
nonfiction storms and hurricanes weather science
Silly Science Shar Levine & Leslie Johnstone 1995
nonfiction science projects science
Who Eats What? Patricia Lauber 1995
Science energy cycle energy chain food chain
You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown Paula Danziger 1995 This is a sequel to Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon. It begins as eight year old Amber is finishing third grade and reminiscing about the year. Particularly how everyone has suffered through the Pox plague - Chicken Pox except Amber Brown. As the title suggests, Amber gets hers over the summer when she is home alone with Aunt Pam getting ready for their trip to London to visit and then on to Paris to visit her dad. It seems her plans to stop her parent s divorce are going to he ruined. Amber is smart, perky, and thoroughly likable. While Amber passes time recovering from chicken pox she writes letters to her friend, Justin; plays Monopoly, Yatzee, and other games with her aunt; and gets trapped in an elevator. Children love Amber s antics, interests, perceptions, and penchant for gross humor. fiction third grade aunts divorce chicken pox London
Rocket Science Jim Weise 1995
nonfiction mechanical science
She s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! Kathryn Lasky 1995
nonfiction science Audubon Society animals environment
Slower Than a Snail Anne Schreiber 1995 Number value and the concept of motion, time position, and maybe speed. picture book concept book measurement number value counting time concept book Marilyn Burns mathematics sctivity book
Tops and Bottoms Janet Stevens 1995 Trickster, lazy/worker
realistic fiction top bottom trickster spacial relationships
Her Stories Virginia Hamilton 1995
African American black experience multicultural
Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech 1995
realistic fiction
More Than Anything Else Marie Bradby 1995 More than anything else Booker T. Washington wants to learn to read. Works in a salt mine and mom buys book.
picture book learning to read biographical Booker T. Washington salt mine
The Stories Huey Tells Cameron, Ann 1995 Collection of short stories
realistic fiction collection short stories African American black experience multicultural creativity short stories writing
Water Frank Ash 1995
nonfiction water science nature
The School Mouse Dick King-Smith 1995
fiction fntasy life and death reading mice survival
Where's That Cat? Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 1995

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Steve Jenkins 1995 Animal records of size, speed
nonfiction picture book
Mirette on the High Wire Emily Arnold McCulley 1995 Good picture book about a girl that wants to learn how to walk on the high wire. picture book fiction balance practice
The Midwife s Apprentice Karen Cushman 1995
fiction fantasy
In a Circle Long Ago Nancy Van Laan 1995

Mick Harte Was Here Barbara Park 1995 Story about a girl whose brother, Mick Harte is killed riding a bicycle without a helmet. realistic historical fiction safety bike helmet death
An American Safari Jim Brandenburg 1995 Fantastic illustrated story of North American prairie. Beautifully accurate photos of plants and animals in their natural habitat. Interesting information that selected animals and plants from e prairie habitat that will be or should be familiar to anyone who has lived on the prairie. However, the illustrations, story,, and history of both is woven together into a seamless comprehensive tale that compels the reader to take this safari through the North America states of Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Minnesota. Illustrated with incredibly clear up close photographs of animals in their native habit. As if the animals let him walk right up to them and take their pictures doing what they do naturally. picture book nonfiction nature wildlife animals prairie
Our Changing Planet
nonfiction environment science Earth
A Walk To The Great Mystery Virginia A. Stroud 1995


A Walk To The Great Mystery cover

Tops and Bottoms Janet Stevens 1995
picture book trickster lazy worker mathematics patterns
The Magic School Bus in the Haunted Museum Joanna Cole 1995

The Magic School Bus Hops Home Joanna Cole 1995

The Magic School Bus Gets Baked In a Cake Joanna Cole 1995

The Van Gogh Cafe Cynthia Rylant 1995 A collection of short stories centered on a Cafe in Kansas. Each story seems to be more creative and profound that the previous. A must read for middle school or junior high if you can find it. realistic fiction short stories creative writing small town


Books published in 1996
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Falling Up Shel Silverstein 1996
poetry humor
The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten Joanna Cole 1996
science anatomy
The Freshwater Alphabet Book Jerry Pallotta 1996
concept book alphabet book fish science
The 100th Day of School Angela Shelf Medearis 1996 Number value 100
concept book mathematics, number value, Number value 100
Stay in Line Teddy Slater 1996 Field trip 12 students in different patterns
realistic fiction concept book mathematics patterns
Science Surprises Sandra Markle 1996
nonfiction science activities
Healing the Bereaved Child Alan Wolfelt 1996
nonfiction death grieving dying classroom management
Crash Jerry Spinelii 1996 Fanciful tale of Wesley who was being teased by classmates and didn't fit in.
He decided to grow his own staple crop and things began to change for the better and he created a new culture around his staple crop "swist".
fiction modern fantasy bully learning compassion family friendship
Detective Science Jim Wiese 1996
nonfiction forensic science
How Many Feet? How Many Tails? Marilyn Burns 1996
picture book number sense mathematics counting concept book
Even Steven and Odd Todd Kathryn Cristaldi 1996
picture book even and odd numbers, mathematics
Give me Half Stuart Murphy 1996
picture book simplest fractions mathematics half
Welcome to the Sea of Sand Jane Yolen 1996
Pretty is as pretty does
EarthDance Joanne Rudes 1996
Science Ecology
Remaking the Earth Paul Goble 1996
Native American
Bonjour, Lonnie Faith Ringold 1996 African American Jewish boy traces his ancestry with the help of the Love Bird of Paris.
picture book mixed race parentage black white love bird magic African American black experience multicultural Jewish
Sports Math Mania Lorraine Jean and Christopher Hopping Egan 1996 Cool stats & number facts are presented in a question and answer format
nonfiction mathematics, sports, Cool stats and number facts
Incredible Inventions Nick Griffiths Ed. Nicole Carmichael 1996
nonfiction reference


Books published in 1997
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Boggart and the Monster
Susan Cooper 1997
Emily and Jess Volnikhaven't visited the Boggart at the ancient Castle Keep in Scotland for two years. On a trip to Loch Ness, the fun-loving Boggart comes along for the ride to help its cousin Nessie, trapped in the monster shape from being discovered. Modern science v. Boggart ancient magic.
fantasy science fiction
Chasing Redbird Sharon Creech 1997
Zinny Taylor, attempting to escape from her crazy chaotic family life discovers a long forgotten trail into the woods. It' the beginning of a journey that leads her to unravel the dark secrets of hers and her aunt's life.
realistic fiction friendship
Oceans Andrew & Barbara Taylor Haslam 1997
nonfiction science ocean earth science reference and activity book
Waiting for the Rain: A Novel of South Africa Sheila Gordon 1997 Tengo, black, grew up on Frikkie Uncle s farm and didn t go t school. Frikkie, white, lived in the city, went to school, which he took for granted, and liked visiting his uncle s farm. It was during the visits that the two boys became friends. Since Tengo has been on the farm he doesn t know about apartheid and discrimination so when he discovers it the two boys have to come to grips with the realities of their country. The book is rather didactic and over talks its messages about discrimination and apartheid. Could have been written better - plot and tone. fiction prejudice South Africa multicultural
The Best Bug Parade Stuart J. Murphy 1997 Big, bigger, biggest; Small ; long short ; good, better, best
concept book big bigger biggest small long short good better best mathematics
Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes Grace Maccarone 1997 Retelling of 3 pigs with tangrams
fiction fantasy tangrams mathematics
The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman 1997

His dark material book 2

Will takes mom to Mrs. Cooper (piano teacher).
Men come to get green leather writing case. Crash into one falls downstairs and thinks he killed him.
His father (John Parry) vanished long ago (adventurer explorer).
Looking for some place to hide, sees cat vanish, discovers window.
Meets Lyra Sivertongue, who asks where his daemon is. Since can t see decides his must be inside him or he wouldn t be human.
The alethiometer tells her he is a murderer and she felt safe with him.
Serafina Pekkala, witch, Kaisa snow goose daemon.
Mrs. Coulter asked Fra Pavel who had another alethiometer what would happen... She tortured a witch to find what was predicted for Lyra, Serafina killed her to stop her suffering and left to find Lord Asriel to find what was happening. Talks to his servant, Thorold, who thinks he is going to kill the Authority of the church. Meets Mr. Scoresby, Texan/ Hester hare daemon, and asks him to join witches council as they decide what to do. Queen of Latvian witches Ruta Skadi. At council they say Lyra is the chosen one. She chose the right cloud-pinne spray at Dr. Lanselius.
Fly north and to another world to find Lyra.

Lyra dreams about Stanislaus Grumman, that he wasn t dead and it wasn t his head her father showed.
Discovers there are at least three worlds as City in is Cittagazze and full of Specters. Also gang (Angelica, Paolo, Tullio...)
Go to Will s world where she pretends to be his sister, Lizzie Random
Finds Dr. Malone who is working on dark matter - Dust finds that it is around some old skulls in museum and man sees she has the alethiometer...
Read Will s father s letters and see that he found a window in the Arctic.
Lee Scoresby and witches travel till see Specters attack... Find what they are and find that Lord Asriel is building a fortress at the top of the world connected to others.
Lyra discovers Sir Charles stole her alethiometer and wants the knife to give it back.
Go find the old bearer of the knife... Fight with Tullio ... cut two fingers off, kill him. Now Will is the knife bearer Giacomo Paradisi tells knife will cut anything, and teaches how to open windows and close them to other worlds before dieing. Knife made by the Guild of the Torre delgi Angeli and the Specters are their fault.
Use knife to steal alethiometer from Sir Charles.
Lee Scorsby looks for Grumman and finds Parry is him and that Parry summoned him with a ring of silver and turquoise of Navajo design. Parry wants Lee to get Lyra under the power of the knife. Go to get balloon and have to use the church ring from the dead Skraeling to get from
Lyra and Will were being attacked by the gang... Serafina s Kaisa and other witches saved the day... Try spell to heal Will s bleeding fingers.
Sir Charles Latrom finds Dr. Malone. Her partner, Oliver, wants to join Sir... who will continue funding if they get the alitheometer.. Dr. Malone no way. Goes to computer fixes, talks to dark matter and finds...249... She is to play serpent and tells to go to guarded window.... The specters will not harm you.

Go to Lord Asriel... witches unite... Lee, Grumman, witches, were found because of ring and attacked...
Lena Feldt watches as Mrs. Coulter puts poison into Carlo, Sir Charles drink... Then Mrs. C has specters capture Lena s daemon and they torture it to get it to tell that Lyra, Will, knife, and 20 witches are up the hill... Lyra is to be Eve the mother -she will disobey- she will... Mrs. C says I will have to destroy her, and later says this time she will not fail, I ll see to that. As Lena dies she realizes that living was hateful, and death was no better, and from end to end of the universe this was the first and last and only truth.
Stanislaus Grumman, Jopari, John Parry finds Will puts bloodmoss on fingers and tells of great war and that this time the right side must win.
You must go to Lord Asriel. Witch Juta Kamainen killed because she loved him and he scorned her. He was my father and neither knew until the second that you killed him. She kills herself.
Lyra was gone...

science fiction fantasy good vs evil fantasy adventure parent child relationships
Great Critical Thinking Puzzles Michael A. Dispezio 1997
puzzle and riddle book puzzles critical thinking
Friendly Dolphins Allan Fowler 1997
nonfiction dolphins water animals
Out of Dust Karen Heese 1997

Out of the Dust Out of the Dust is written in a mix of short lines, long lines, and blank lines that creates a unique rhythmic style and imagery that fits well with the historical dust bowl setting and suffocating tone of the harsh times and personal tragic events.

A long-legged red headed girl is born in 1920 and named Billie Jo Kelby, because her father wanted a boy. Fast forward to 1934 when she is 14 and the dust bowl begins its years long brutal attack of hardship interspersed with brief infrequent showers of rain to mock hope.

Karen's style and tone gives a glimpse of the suffering many endured during these times and the determination, ingenuity, and adaptability required for people, who did stay with the land until better times.


Dust bowl 1930's poetry imagery rhythm Texas Oklahoma hardship survival
Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine 1997

An interesting twist on the Cinderella story. Bewitched at birth by the fairy Lucinda whose spell makes her do exactly what she is told. Her mother dies and her indifferent father relies on her stepmother and two stepsisters to care for her. Ella is clever and full of desire to track down Lucinda and seek her freedom so she might discover who she really is. There are ogres, elves, a prince, and of course a fairy godmother. However, Levine twists the usual fairy tale female stereotypes and provides Ella enough moxie to take the usual stereotypical female role and twist and turn it to empower Ella and create relationships of mutual respect.

Lucinda put a spell on Ella so that she had to do what she was asked.

An interesting twist on the Cinderella story. Bewitched at birth by the fairy Lucinda whose spell makes her do exactly what she is told. Her mother dies and her indifferent father leaves her stepmother and two stepsisters care for her. Ella is clever and full of desire to track down Lucinda and seek her freedom so she might discover who she really is. There are ogres, elves, and a prince. However, Levine twist the usual fairy tale female stereotypes and provides Ella enough moxie to take unusual stereotypical female roles and twist and turn it to empower Ella and create relationships of mutual respect.

fairy tale fantasy responsibility fair good evil growing up
The Next Place Warren Hanson 1997
picture book poetry death
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone J. K. Rowling 1997 ! Writing from the viewpoint of young people (the books is written mainly through Harry, even though it is not in first person)
! Missing parent syndrome (the Dursley s are far from parents to Harry throughout the novel)
! Optimism is shown with characters making worthy accomplishments (Harry achieves quite a bit throughout the novel).

Mary Sprakel
modern fantasy witches
Oceans Andrew Haslam & Barbara Taylor 1997
nonfiction oceans science
Measuring Penny Loreen Leedy 1997
picture book measurement mathematics concept book
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table Cindy Neuschwander 1997
picture book circumfrence circles Pi mathematics
Golem Davis Wisniewski 1997
Jewish folk tale
The View from Saturday E. L. Konigsburg 1997

The Koufax Dilemma Steven Schnur 1997 Being Jewish Sandy Koufax was conflicted with the dilemma of refusing to pitch when he was scheduled on Yom Kippur. However, this story isn t about Sandy, his blazing fast ball or precise accuracy. It is about Danny whose mother wants him to attend the first night of Passover which is on the first day of his season opener. Sometimes over reaching complaining with adults who are generally supportive. However, it is probably on target for the audience which can be a bit melodramatic and self centered.
realistic historical fiction Jewish religion, divorce acceptance of duty
Stardust Neil Gaiman 1997 Every bit as good as the movie or is the movie every bit as good as the book? modern fantasy movie love good evil


Books published in 1998
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book David Schwartz 1998 Informational book
nonfiction mathematics
Bones: Our Skeletal System Seymour Simon 1998
A Dozen Dozens Harriet Ziefert 1998 Number value, dozen, ½ dozen
concept book math dozen twelve
Graveyards of the Dinosaurs Shelley Tanaka 1998
nonfiction picture book dinosaurs archeology fossils prehistoric animals
Prairie Dogs Kiss and Lobsters Wave: How Animals Say Hello Marilyn Singer 1998
nonfiction reference animal behavior greetings
The NBA Book of Big and Little James Preller 1998
picture book non standard measurement NBA ratio big little concept book
The Transall Saga Gary Paulsen 1998
science fiction deserts planets
Pete's A Pizza William Steig 1998 Pete wants to go outside and play ball but it is raining. His father decides to make Pete into a Pizza to cheer him up until it stops raining and he can go out and play.
picture book rainy days bored
Today I Fell Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day Jamie Lee Curtis 1998 Great illustrations for changing moods.
picture book moods silly sad mad excited angry
A Handful of Beans: Six Fairy Tales Retold by Jeanne Steig Jeanne Steig 1998

A Handful of Beans cover

retelling fairy tales
The Jewel Kingdom The Jewel Princesses and the Missing Crown Jahnna N. Malcolm 1998 Roxanne, Sabrina, Emily, and Demetra all are sisters. The royal secretary Twitter was left in charge by their parents of Jewel Palace and the Great Jeweled Crown.
Sisters use their powers together to regain the crown.
fiction fantasy sisters adventure cooperation helping
Cartoon & Animation Matthew Parselle Editor 1998
nonfiction how to book cartoon animation drawing flip books creating charaters arts and crafts
Holes Louis Sachar 1998 Setting Green Lake Camp in Texas desert.
Main Character Stanley Yelnats
Minor characters Warden, Elya/pig-stealing-great-great grandfather, Kissin Kate Barlow, Gypsy/Madame Zeroni, Stanley s father, Mr. Pendanski (counselor), X-ray, Squid, Jose /Magnet, Theodore/Armpit, Ricky/Zigzag, Zero, Clyde Livingston/Sweet Feet,

Plot Stanley was sentenced to Green Lake Camp for stealing Clyde Livingston s sneakers that were donated to the shelter to be auctioned. He chose the camp over jail and he and his mom thought it would be like the summer camp that the rich kids went to during their summer vacation. He arrived at the camp and found there was no lake. There was nothing but a desert for miles around. He meet the seven room mates and was told by Mr. Pendanski that his job was to dig a hole five feet deep and five feet in diameter each day. He would start at 4:30 and if he worked hard enough he would be done before the sun rose into the afternoon sky. Chaper 7 you learn about how the curse was put on his pig-stealing-great-great grandfather, Elya. He wanted to marry Myra Menle and didn't have a pig like Igor Barkov. So he went to the Gypsy to ask for help. She gave him a baby pig and told him to carry the pig up the hill to drink from a stream each day and on the day of Myra s fifteenth birthday. She also wanted him to do one more thing. Come carry her up the hill as she didn t have a left foot, so she could drink from the stream and he would sing the family song to her. He said he could not carry her and she asked if he could carry the pig today, yes, tomorrow, yes and each day you will grow stronger and I will be easy to carry. He agreed. On the day of Myra s birthday he did not carry the pig up the mountain as he did not want to smell of pig when he went to Myra. Myra s father could not decide who should get his daughter as both had pigs, Elya convinced him to have Myra decide. However, addle-brained Myra could not and had them pick a number between 1-10. So Elya decided to leave for America. Since he didn t fulfill his promise the Gypsy s curse was put on him and his family. In America he fell in love with Sarah Miller. She had Elya sing the pig lullaby and when she had a baby Stanley Yelnats she would sing it to him every night.
Stanley dug holes, got nickname Caveman, learned about dangers Yellow-spoted-lizards one bite dead. Wrote letters to Mom, found fish fossil, found gold case with heart and K.B., Taught Zero to read, Zero dug hole, said stole sunflower seeds from Mr. Sir. Took to warden finger nail polish scratched Mr. Sir s face. Taught Zero to read and zero dig part of hole. Dr Hawthorn, Sam onion man, Mary Lou donkey, eats nothing but raw onions, Miss katherine Barlow. Bought onions like Sam but Negro, School teacher kissed the onion picker. Trout Walker shouted devil woman, poisoning children s brains with books, burnt booksSheriff drunk woundn t help ask for kiss, said law for negro to kiss a white woman, hang him, unless you kiss me, ran to row boat, Trout Walker s motor boat shot donkey, three days after sam s death Miss Katherine shot the shariff in the head applied a fresh coat of lipstick and kissed him. She became one of the most feared outlaws in the West. Zero s real name Hector Zeroni. After 20 years Kate returned to Green Lake and lived for three months. She knew she was mad. Someone broke into her cabin and she could smell Trout Walker s dirty feet. He and his wife Linda Walker took her a gun point to find her loot. Were desperate because it hasn t rained , the livestock, peaches all gone, Shovel against fireplace, Shes buried it. Took her in blue silk pajamas, left boots, loosely tied feet. Walked and walked, when she stopped Linda wacked her with a shovel. Lizard bit her bare ankle. Kate died laughing.
Grandfather was robbed by Kissing Kate, wandered in the desert and sought refuge on the thumb of God
Zero runs away, Stanley steals pickup truck wrecks in hole runs. Days in desert finally stumbles onto boat and Zero, Drink peach nectar.. Go to Thumb of God rock, dig hole find water, Zero is poisoned from peaches or something, feeds onions, water, sings to him. Spell is broke.
Go back to dig for gold, Warden shows up light on lizard on suitcase, stand on lizard nest. Wait tell lawyer there to get out, that he didn t do it, missed them, wait for lizard to kill, tarantula Tried to get out flet claw. Back down. Heard car. Lawyer, need authentification Stanley climbs out of hole, helped Zero out, Suit case had Stanley s name on it, his. Leave Hector, no they ll kill him, may I see his file no, doesn t exist, decided take Hector too. Onion juice seems to repel lizards don t like onion blood. Boys smelled drove with windows down. Dad finally hit how to get rid of smell of sneekers. Peaches? Raindrop?
Stanley s father invented cure for foot odor the day after the great-great-grandson of Elya Yelnats carried the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni up the mountain. Ms Walker sold Camp Green Lake to Girl Scouts. Jewels low quality, stocks, a little less than a million. Super bowl comercial "sweet feet" slide in Sploosh. Hector s mother sings song.
fiction adolescent growing crime adventure mystery
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J. K. Rowling 1998
modern fantasy, witches, magic, school
The Big Book of Bones and Introduction to Skeletons Claire Llewellyn 1998
nonfiction reference bones skeleton
Three Against the Tide D. Anne Love 1998
ficiton fantasy
Just Enough Carrots Stuart Murphy 1998
picture book comparing amounts mathematics concept book greater less equal
The Z Was Zapped Chris Van Allsburg 1998
Alphabet book in black and white.
picture book alphabet fantasy fiction


Books published in 1999
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Big Box Toni Morrison 1999
Because they do not follow the rules written by the adults, three children are judged unable to handle their freedom and forced to live in a box with three locks on the door.
picture book
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket 1999

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning contradicts the idea that children like or need stories with happy endings. The Snicket series certainly has disproved it with a series of bad ending books. Snicket not only writes his books with bad ending, but flaunts it by telling the reader at the beginning of the book and suggesting to stop reading and put it down. Again, Snicket warns the reader a few pages before the ending that if wont be a happy ending, stop because the ending wasn t happy. The warning are reliable.

Three Baudelaire children: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. Executor of estate Mr. Poe found children at the beach and told them that their mansion burnt to the ground and their parents died.
Took to great Uncle, Count Olaf, owner of a theatre troope. Left next door with Justice Strauss. Count Olaf s house was dirty and they were all put into one small room with one bed for all. Eye on door and tatoo on Olaf s ankle. He wanted the inheritance, but it was in a trust fund until Violet bacame of age. No books, Klaus loved to read or anything else to do. Had to cook for ten people. Dinner went badly, Klaus was hit. Next day went to find bank with Mr. Poe. Can t do anything as he is loco parentis.
Count Olaf hatches a plan to trick Violet in a play The Marvelous Marriage to marry him. Borrow law books from Justice Strauss and discover his plot. Puts Sunny in cage and hangs from top of house. Threatens to release it unless she cooperates. Violet makes a grapling hook and climbs up only to find the Count and some of his accomplices. She signs the marriage document with her left hand. Must be signed in the bride s own hand. Mr. Poe will not let them stay with him... arrest him... Oh good we can stay with Justice Strauss. Lights go out, Olaf tells Vilet he will get her fortune and kill her and her siblings. When the lights came back on he was gone. Let s go... Can t says Mr. Poe your parent s will says you must be adopted by a relative.
Author warned a few pages earlier if wont be a happy ending, stop because the ending wasn t happy. Also warned at the beginning of the book. The warning was reliable.

realistic fiction amily brothers sisters orphans trouble unfortunate events young child s soap opera
The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones and How It Was Solved James Cross Giblin 1999
nonfiction reference mammoths archeology paleontology mastodon
Just Ella Margaret Peterson Haddix 1999 Female coming of age fairy tale diction fantasy female coming of age fairy tale
Earthlings Inside and Out: a Space Alien Studies the Human Body Valerie Wyatt 1999
nonfiction human body
Exploring the Deep Dark Sea Gail Gibbons 1999
nonfiction sea life exploring
Plenty of Penguins Sonia Black 1999
picture book penguins water winter
Our Only May Amelia Jennifer L Holm 1999 Sequel The Trouble with May Amelia
father believes girls are useless and May Amelia is stupid because she never pays attention. ... he would rather have one boy than a dozen May Amelias because Girls are useless.
traveler comes with a get rich scheme and asks May to translate, she is proud, but it is a scam and they loose the farm and did blames her. Washington state 1900. danger illness death...

historical fiction pioneer in Washington 1899 only girl in family relationships
Among the Odds and Evens Priscilla Turner 1999 Evens coverX and Y visit mathland and notice patterns of even and odd numbers.
Some problem solving.
picture book mathematics odd and even number value patterns
Island of the Aunts Eva Ibbotson 1999
fiction modern fantasy
When the Soldiers Were Gone Vera W. Propp 1999 Started out with Henk (Benjamin) living with a family (David Van Sorg and his wife Elsbet and their two children Meip and Pieter that is thought to be his. In a few pages he is meeting his real parents making the reader wonder what happened.
Flashback and the author talks about soldiers coming to the house and Henk having to hide in the hamper in the barn. Then one day his Uncle Jan came and yelled the War is over. Allied troops came and gave out chocolate candy.
The Allies dropped bombs on Appelhem to get rid of the Nazis and now Benjamin was going to live in an apartment until his home was fixed.
Henk meets his brother Carl. Henk is getting used to the name Benjamin as he eats cake for the first time.
historical fiction Nazi Germany after world war II
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling 1999
witches fantasy
Bud, Not Buddy Christopher Paul Curtis 1999
realistic fiction
26 Fairmont Avenue Tomie DePaola 1999
realistic fiction
The Paint Brush Kid Clyde Robert Bulla 1999
A Monarch Butterfly s Life John Himmelman 1999
picture book nonfiction insects monarch butterfly life cycle
Getting Near to Baby Audrey C ouloumbis 1999
fiction fantasy
The Fairy's Mistake Gail Levine Carson 1999
fiction fantasy
Weslandia Paul Fleischman 1999

Fanciful tale of Wesley who was being teased by classmates and didn't fit in.
He decided to grow his own staple crop and things began to change for the better and he created a new culture around his staple crop "swist".

picture book staple crops civilization social studies culture
Start Drawing Wild Animals Robin Doak 1999
nonfiction how to book draw wild animals, science, how to book
I Can Count 100 Bunnies and So Can You! Cyndy Szekeres 1999
picture book counting mathematics concept book
The History of Counting Denise Schmandt-Besserat 1999
nonfiction counting mathematics history
Odious Oceans Anita Ganeri 1999
nonfiction science oceans
Beaver Glen Rounds 1999
nonfiction science, beaver, animals
The Secret Journey Peg Kehret

Set in the 1830's. Emma is carefree happy girl until IT happens, her beloved mother gets sick and is going to France for a year to get better. But, Emma isn't, she's supposed to stay with her aunt and brat cousin Odolf. Deciding to stow away, she boards the wrong ship, which is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa. Where she must survive.

realistic fiction adventure



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