Greek/Roman Names in Mythology with Characteristics

Duties and Responsibilities
Identifying Characteristics
Adonis Spirit of spring; beloved of Aphrodite


Aphrodite Venus Goddess of love and beauty; son, Cupid Chariot drawn by doves or swans
God of music, poetry healing; sun-god Driving sun chariot; flute lyre
Ares Mars  God of war Full armor, long floating plume
Artemis Diana Sister of Apollo; goddess of the chase and of moon Huntress with bow quiver, and arrow; chariot drawn by stags with golden horns
Athena, Pallas Minerva Goddess of wisdom, protectress of household art Helmet on head, staff and breastplate from which hung the Gorgon’s head


Titan condemned to uphold the world on his shoulders for fighting against Zeus




Guarded the gates of Hades Three heads and tail of a dragon.


Ferry on the Styx




Artificer and Architect; designed the labyrinth into which he was cast but escaped by means of artificial wings.


Demeter Ceres Goddess of the harvest Garland of corn ears; in hands a scepter or cornucopia.
Dionysus Bacchus God of wine Chariot draw by leopards; his head crowned with leaves in hand a staff entwined with ivy


Nymph who pined away for the love of Narcissus until only her voice remained.




Brother of Prometheus and husband of Pandora



Eros Cupid Son of Venus, god of love Bow and arrow



Daughters of a sea deity; snake locks, brazen claws, bodies covered with scales which no weapon could pierce; faces so terrible that beholder was turned to stone; Medusa alone was mortal



Hades or Pluto Dis God of the underworld and king of shadows


Hephaestus Vulcan God of fire and smith of the gods Key to underworld in one hand and magic staff in other
Hera Juno Wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage


Heracles Hercules Earthly son of Zeus


Hermes Mercury or quicksilver Messenger of the gods; guardian of travelers





Son of Daedalus; his artificial wings melted when he flew too near the sun and he drowned in the sea; henceforth called the Icarian Sea




Mountain in Thessaly, home of the gods




Son of Apollo, poetical singer and musician; attempted to rescue his wife, Eurdice from Hades


Pan Faunus God of things in nature Bearded man with ears and hoofs, a goat; in his hands, a shepherd’s flute or crook.
Persephone Proserpina

Daughter of Ceres and queen of the underworld
Called the Chief Physician




Son of Jupiter and Danae; cut out head  of Medusa


Poseidon Neptune God of the sea Trident, dolphin, hordes
Prometheus   Son of Trident and brother of Epimethus


Zeus Jupiter or Jove King of the gods and men Eagle, thunderbolt and oak


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