Idioms Meaning Match

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Match these 10 idioms with their meaning.  Write them out neatly in your literacy books


    1. to bury the hatchet
    2. to draw the long bow
    3. to mind one’s p’s and q’s
    4. to let the cat out of the bag
    5. to ride the high horse
    6. to hit below the belt
    7. to smell a rat
    8. to paddle one’s own canoe
    9. to blow one’s own horn
    10. to be a wet blanket

Possible Meanings

A. to be suspicious
B. to be very arrogant or cocky
C. to be a spoilsport
D. to boast about yourself
E. to exaggerate
F. to make peace
G. to give away a secret
H. to act unfairly
I. to be careful how you behave
J. to do things for yourself


Can you think of any stories that has idioms in it that giv e it a unique style or tone?

With a partner can you recall or create conversation using idioms?