Identifying Comparisons in Similes and Metaphors

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Decide what is  being compared in each sentence. Write the words or phrase to describe what two things are compared.

 1. The baby was like an octopus, grabbing for all the cans on the grocery store shelves.

2. As the principal entered the room she muttered, "This class is like a three-ring circus!"

3. The giant’s steps were thunder as he ran toward Jack.

4. The pillow was a cloud for my sore head after a long day of beating it against life.

5. After swimming twenty laps I felt like a limp dishrag.

6. Jack and Jim are two peas in a pod.

7. The teacher’s smile was the sun during our test.

8. No one invites Danni to parties because she’s a wet blanket.

9. The bar of soap was a slippery eel during the dog’s bath.

10. Ted was as nervous as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs.

11. Mom’s eyebrows were like express up elevators when she saw my sisters shorts.



Answers: 1. baby – octopus. 2. principal - 3 ring circus, 3. steps – thunder, 4. pillow – cloud, 5. I - limp dishrag, 6. Jack & Jim - peas in a pod, 7. smile – sun, 8. Danni - wet blanket, 9. bar of soap - slippery eel, 10. Ted – cat, 11. eyebrows – express elevators