1. In the nursery rhyme, "The lion and the _______ were fighting for the crown...."

hippogriff unicron minotaur zebra

2. Often pictured wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, ________ was a mischievous little Parisian.

Amelia Coppelia Madeline Marilyn

3. In the Land of Oz the tin woodsman sought a heart, the scarecrow a brain, and the lion _______.

eloquence piety courage humility

4. Perpetually young, Peter Pan magically flies through the air often accompanied by Tinkerbelle and ___.

Wendy Wisteria Wilhemina Winina

5. Of all the characteristics of the animals and humans in the "Alice" stories, the smile on the _________ cat stands out in many readers’ memories.

Manx Calico Cheshire Siamese

6. Legends describe the _______ , a mythical bird that after death rises from its ashes.

phoenix albatross puffin dodo

7. Rumpelstillskin empowers the miller’s daughter to spin straw into ________.

glass gold tin silver

8. Curious George, a _______ was continuously embroiled in trouble.

dog cat pig monkey

9. In Johnny Gruell’s books, Raggedy Ann and Andy belonged to

Minerva Marcella Miribell Mabel

10. Mark Twain worked at many trades but records do not indicate he ever served as a _______.

journalist river pilot silversmith miner

11. Washington Irving describes schoolmaster Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as

fearful brave handsome fat

12. Many men tried unsuccessfully to extract King Arthur’s sword, _______, from its stone sheath.

Equalizer Excalibur Examiner Economizer

13. Frequently pictured with a tiny crown atop his huge head, Babar the elephant reigned over the jungle with his consort ________.

Carol Celeste Ceres Cecelia

14. In Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book he tells of an East Indian boy named ________ who is raised by wild animals.

Kim Mowgli Baloo Shere Khan

15. In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, _________, the boy hero, narrowly evades death at the hands of the evil Long John Silver.

Jim Matt John Paul

Answers below:
















ANSWER: (1) Unicorn (2) Madeline (3) courage (4) Wendy (5) Cheshire (6) phoenix (7) gold (8) monkey (9) Marcella (10) silversmith (11) fearful (12) Excalibur (13) Celeste (14) Mowgli (15) Jim

SCORING: 13-15 correct - You have a super memory; 10-12 correct - You have not-quite super memory; less than 10 correct - Who can remember that far back?