Hundred Puzzles

Hundred Puzzles


Cut out each of the two puzzles, mix-up the pieces for each, place them into two envelops, give them to students and ask them to put them together.

Puzzle 1

Piece 7 Puzzle 2

Piece 6

Hundred Puzzle Pieces Puzzles


Cut out each of the five 100 chart puzzle pieces. Use the 100 chart with 1 and 100. Hand one piece at a time to a student and ask them to place each on the chart where they believe it would go. Continue with each or the five pieces.


Hundred chart with one and one-hundredPiece 1 Piece 1

Piece 2 Piece 2Piece 3

Piece 3

Piece 4 Piece 4Piece 5

Piece 5




Mind extender. Make your own puzzles [Hundred chart with numbers] [Blank hundred chart]


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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