Division Time

How many ways can you create a division problem with 4 and 12?



  1. See how many ways you can use 4 & 12 to make division problems in ten minutes.
  2. When you are done share with others.
  3. Then reflect on the similarities and differences and see what you can learn about the different kinds of problems and any patterns you can discover.



















Thinking of how 4 & 12 can be arranged for division. 4/12 and 12/4.

Then think of different representations of objects and actions on those objects to create problems.


Compare the problems you created to the ones below. Som might end up with problems like the following:

  1. A candy maker wants to sell candies by the box. She thinks that 12 candies in a box would be a good way to sell them. How many different ways could the candies be packaged and what do you believe would be the best?
  2. Juan has twelve cookies and shares them with four friends, how many cookies could each have if they are to all end up with the same amount?
  3. Twelve divided by four is?
  4. 12 / 4
  5. 12 ÷ 4
  6. 4|12
  7. 4 ⌐ 12
  8. How many four foot pieces of ribbon can be cut from a twelve foot roll of ribbon?
  9. How many four foot square pieces of drywall can be cut from a sheet four foot by twelve foot?
  10. If Marci can carry four boxes at a time, how many trips will she have to make to move twelve boxes?


Mind boggler: Think about how many different formats and presentations of problems there could be on a standardized test. Since the goal of a standardized test is to find problems that can be used to sort the test takers into different levels of understanding problems, the test makers look for problems that will achieve this. Hence, the diversity of problems in a textbook and problems presented by teachers can limit or enhance student preparation. Therefore, giving teachers and lealrners freedom and flexibility in teaching and learning mathematics is critical.

Think about it!




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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