Bottle and cork problem

How much is that bottle?

Flower in bottle

Mom bought a bottle for her flower and a cork for $1.10
(How she gets flowers in a bottle is another problem).

I asked her how much the bottle cost and she said,

"the bottle cost $1.00 more than the cork."
(Mom is like that ... )

I asked her what the cork cost and she answered,

"I gave you enough information that you should be able to
figure the individual price of the bottle and the cork."

Was mom right?

What is the price of each?








Hint: Guess and check strategy, trial and error, and later algebra. Oh! Mom is always right!

Discussion: Most people's initial thought is: the bottle cost $1.00 and the cork 10 cents. However, in that case the $1.00 - .10 = .90 or 90 cents. Therefore, the bottle only costs 90 cents more. Guess and check, again.


bottle + cork = $1.10

bottle - $1.00 = cork

cork + $1.00 = bottle


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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