Observational Vocabulary
to Describe Properties

Words to describe properties observed through seeing.

bright, dull, shiny, dazzle, dingy, sparkle, wavy, gnarled, smooth, rough, cloudy, transparent, translucent, opaque, clear, shady, light, dark, dreary, crooked, flashing, narrow, wide, wrinkled, blinking, vibrating, moving, still, fast, slow, glowing, jagged, sharp

bright dull shiny
dazzle dingy sparkle
wavy gnarled smooth
rough cloudy transparent
translucent opaque clear
shady light dark
dreary crooked flashing
narrow wide wrinkled
blinking vibrating moving
still fast slow
glowing jagged sharp

Words to describe properties observed through touching.

smooth, rough, bumpy, sticky, soft, hard, solid, firm, cool, cold, warm, slimy, slippery, freezing, damp, prickly, sharp, wet, light, weight, heavy, crisp, hot, tickle, dry, furry, jagged, crunchy, scalding, sandy, pointy

smooth rough bumpy
sticky soft hard
solid firm cool
cold warm slimy
slippery freezing damp
prickly sharp wet
light weight heavy weight crisp
hot tickle dry
furry jagged crunchy
scalding sandy pointy

Words to describe properties observed through listening.

rattle, cry, shriek, crash, bang, boom, snap, crackle, pop, fizz, ping, pong, ding, dong, singing, splash, drip, squeak, sqwack, squeal, gasp, creak, croak, chirp, roar, buzz, whispers

rattle cry shriek
crash bang boom
snap crackle pop
fizz ping pong
ding dong singing
splash drip squeak
sqwack squeal gasp
creak croak chirp
roar buzz whispers

Words to describe properties observed through smelling.

smoky, musty, damp, acrid, sweet, sour, grassy, woody, fresh, outdoorsy, hospital, alcoho, pungent, rotten, spicy, sweaty, skunky, burnt

smoky musty damp
acrid sweet sour
grassy woody fresh
outdoorsy hospital alcohol
pungent rotten spicy
sweaty skunky burnt

Words to describe properties observed through tasting.

sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, peppery, savory, rich, salty, hot, medium, cool, crunchy ,creamy, cold, fizzy, juicy, dry, slimy ,goushy, tasty

sweet sour salty
bitter spicy peppery
savory rich salty
hot medium cool
crunchy creamy cold
fizzy juicy dry
slimy goushy tasty

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