What questions would you like to ask about a water balloon from the freezer?

Write your questions below:





Possible questions:

  • Will each balloon look the same?
  • Is there a difference if hot water or cold is put into the balloon?
  • What if salt was poured on the ice?
  • What if salt was poured on the balloon with the ice inside?
  • Would it melt faster in a bowl of water or under running water?
  • Is it hard all the way through?
  • Why does salt melt ice?
  • What if the balloon was filled with other liquids?

Select a question and tell how you would answer it.


What determines if a question is investigable? Write what the difference is between an investigable and non-investigable question.


Is it possible to change non-investigable questions into investigable questions?


Possible Materials: each group 2 frozen balloons (two days in freezer), container to float frozen balloons, water supply, flashlights, nails and maybe hammer to chip into ice, thermometer, food coloring, salt, ..


Write a good question and explain why you believe it is.


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