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Algebra Patterns and Functions

Knowledge base & tools to develop mathematical literacy

Knowledge base

Mathematical knowledge base with concepts necessary for learners to conceptualize to become mathemtically literate and misconceptions that must be over come. Particularly important for how learners develop their understanding for algebra, patterns, and functions are:

Concepts related to:


Information to facilitate literacy in  algebra, patterns, & functions & tools to achieve it

Activities to facilitate algebra, patterns, & functions literacy

Ratio & proportion

  • Jo Tall and Jo Short - Work sheet ratio & proportion activity, historical research problem used to investigate the develop of reasoning as suggessted by Piaget
  • Candle problems - Work sheet with sample rate & proportion problem and solution with follow up problem and questions.
  • Sack Lunches - Teacher randomly passes out lunches. What are the odds? - Work sheet with hints & discussion ideas.
  • Wages for Pet Care
  • Acrobats Logic Problem - Work sheet draw a diagram, proportion & problem solving diagrams




girl with beach ball


One of the universal customs that man has successfully established on earth is the
Hindu - Arabic numerals
to record numbers.


Algebra was greatly advanced by al-Khwarizmi’s book:
Hisab al-jabr w'al-muqabala From which the word algebra came.