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Investigations, activities, & teaching plans
Classified by dimensions of science & age levels

Integrated ideas


Inquiry & science cross cutting concepts, processes, & skills

  • Living Organisms - Inquiry into what all living organisms have in common.
  • Challenges - 70+ science & STEM challenges plus
    • Discusses challenges, problems, & discrepant events
    • Explores instructional characteristics for the labels of CBL and PBL, commonly used with challenges, discrepant events, problems, and projects, along with supporting research.
    • List of questions & ideas to explore or investigate

Science cross cutting concepts, processes, & skills

Order and organization

Evidence, Explanations, and Models

Change, Constancy, and Measurement

Evolution and Equilibrium

Form and Function



Physical Science

  • Air - as matter, occupies space, & pressure
  • Balance and stability - activities & plans
  • Balloon Piercing | Plastic bag piercing |
  • Bubbles 1 - bubbles, gases, liquids
  • Bubbles 2 - Alka-seltzer, measuring, color
  • Chemistry - lab notes for activity to model atoms, elements, & compounds with nuts & bolts.
  • Colored Water - liquids as matter, mass, density
  • Density - learning cycle inquiry activities for middle grade to apply linear, mass, volume, measurement for matter, to introduce density of solids, liquids, & gases. Includes 14 activities with lesson plans and lab sheets. Includes pop can float, wood, metal, plastic, gas, assorted materials, cubes, spheres, population of school rooms, cross cutting concepts measurement, change, properties, variables, operational definitions Assessment data base for density related concepts
  • Electrical circuits - A middle level study of electricity and magnetism. Activities start with a historical static influence. Moving to understand current electricity in a simple closed circuit (bulb, battery, & wire) by creating a model that explains the energy transfer from source to receiver. Continues to circuit tester, multiple sources & receivers in parallel and series, resistance, make a switch, electical puzzles, electro magnetism, & electro scale.
  • Electricity - static electricity
  • Energy - activities and concepts - no instructional suggestions
  • Force, mass, and movement activities - annotated list of activities
  • Gravity, acceleration, inertia, friction - includes link to moon feather hammer experiment
  • Heat and energy transfer * - teacher directed plan with lab notes to explore: hot & cold with touch, variety of activities using water, mixing hot & cold water, warming ice water to boiling, salt & ice, temperatures of cars in sunshine, blowing hot & cold bubbles, conduction, convection, & radiation.
  • Heat energy and conservation - candle & heat
  • Kitchen science - food groups, fat test, acid test, sugar test, yeast
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Life Science

Animal & Ph of water survival


Human Health & Anatomy


Personal food computer


Earth, Atmosphere, and Space Links





Science perspectives





History of Science

Nature of Science

Design process steps

Design process